Hot Tribe has turned corner.

By Justice. B. Hill
writer for MLB.com

Nothing could be finer than to cover a team that's as sizzling hot as the Indians have been this past two weeks.

Their success has stoked the emotions of Tribe fans everywhere, and people everywhere are starting to talk -- perhaps prematurely -- about postseason, the Wild Card and midsummer trades.

What has been absent lately from my inbox are e-mails calling general manager Mark Shapiro and the Dolan family all sorts of names for not signing high-priced talents with inflated demands -- and egos.

Remember the early days of this rebuilding project? Shapiro preached patience then, because he said the turnaround in the team's fortunes wouldn't happen in a day or two. He picked 2005 as the season in which the Indians would contend again.

Now, the man looks like Nostradamus.

The club Shapiro rebuilt is riding a wave of success that a surfer would enjoy. The Tribe is winning with pitching (OK, ignore the 10-9, 9-2 and 5-4 losses to the Red Sox), with defense and with enough hitting to turn that good pitching into wins. This is what Indians fans have longed for since the 2001 season; this is what Shapiro had promised since 2002.

Can it get any better than this? its what fans are asking about the resurgent Indians.