The 2005 Cleveland Indians are for REAL.

Tonight I am writing in the form of an absolutely floored and Proud Cleveland Indians fan.

This team did not quit, not once did they wave the white flag. they outhustled, out hit and obviously outscored the Boston Red Sox in cardiac (arrest) fashion.

The indians jumped on the red sox early to take a 2-0 lead on Hafners first of 3 doubles but Cliff Lee would surrender 5 straight runs in the 5th inning to give the sox a 6-5 lead. A usually reliable Tribe bullpen would surrender the other two runs courtesy of Arthur Rhodes and Matt Miller.

Cleveland had 3 different leads throughout the game but boston refused to go away, countering everything the indians threw at them. .. but tonight..the magic would belong to the indians.

The rally began in the 8th inning with the indians behind 8-5. Blake would score on hafners RBI ground out followed by a Martinez single that brought home pronk. In the 9th Cleveland trailed by a run until Gerut got to Keith Foulke, who has blown his last 3 save opportunities behind an even worse bullpen.

Coco Crisp would pinch run for Gerut after Jody hit a one out double That brought Jhonny Peralta to bat who, with two strikes tied the game on a single to right.

With two outs the bases would be loaded for Hafner on back to back walks of Sizemore and Blake. Travis answered on a line drive grandslam to put the indians ahead 12-8. Bob wickman would end the ballgame getting the last 3 outs on 3 pitches.

This game was the most stunning come back of the young teams season including their first grandslam. to follow the recap I have included my personal thoughts ...

Man I tell you. I'll be the first to admit that the week we went on that long road trip before we got hot...that series with the twins and white sox made me panic to the point i was ready to give up on this season.

I'm eating my words in massive amounts and I couldnt be happier. This team blows me away night after night and realizing just how GOOD our bullpen has been is phenomenal.

I'm listening to Keane right now and hes talking about the infectious energy and enthusiasm of Grady Sizemore and how its just contagious. I mean this team is alive every night due to this kids play. to be 22 and THAT good, and hes on OUR team?!?!! are you SERIOUS!>?!?!

along with Travis freakin Hafner..need I say more...is an absolute GODSEND.

The 2005 Cleveland Indians are making some SERIOUS noise and proving to the baseball world that they can hang with ANYone.

my god I love this game and this team. to think 2 months ago I nearly had to move away...oh no, even if i have to live on the street I'm going to be here for the party when the tribe finally gets a WS ring in the next few years.

I swear I nearly had a heart attack tonight when i heard hammy's call. AMAZING