Cora to Boston for Vasquez

Alex Cora was dealt to the red sox this morning for Minor League infielder Ramon Vasquez.

Cora has been an immense let down this season when he was supposed to be a solid backup at second and shortstop. Vazquez has started 27 games in boston but was also a bench player.

That leaves the 40(39) roster short a position player, a strong indication that the organization is planning another trade. Shapiro said Cleveland would be active in the trade market but has changed his story several times.

To me, its a costly situation anyway. Vasquez is really no upgrade. Both him and Cora are good defensive players but the aforementioned lack of offense keeps the same kind of player on each team, however I have a sneaking suspicion it was only to cut salary from the hands of a cheap front office. in any regard, Keep Vasquez in the minors.

Sure, you can never have enough talent but at the same time when your team is on a roll the slightest change can mess up the chemistry in the clubhouse.

I've beat this issue to death but for good reason. Call up Ryan Ludwick.

Ryan, 26, is a right handed hitting powerhouse who started the season in Cleveland batting .220 but hit 4 home runs in 10 at bats driving in 5. He played in 19 games before being optioned to Buffalo in May.

Fans and management have said this is the type of hitter the organization was going after but for whatever reason fail to realize he's already here. The false and ridiculous hopes in Juan Gonzalez ended when Gonzalez reinjured his hamstring again simply running to first base. It was his first game back.

Perhaps I'm biased towards some of these players (position) but these are my untouchables:

Boone (for now)
Gerut (but if the deal is right, send him)