What is going on.

I'm not writing a recap of tonights game. Instead I'm just going to rant and bitch.

What happened? at what point did the Cleveland Indians go from being the hottest team in baseball to getting beaten by teams that play the strategy of small ball? The indians offense has looked like a machine over the last month and a half with Travis Hafner leading the way, shredding every pitcher hes faced.

A 9 game winning streak was considered a fluke after Boston came into Jacobs Field and swept 3 games from "the best team in baseball". The offense made a valient effort in game 1, but decided to stay home the other two nights.

C.C. Sabathia is an emotional trainwreck who cant throw a strike even in batting practice. He is not an "Ace". I dont fault him for being called up at the young age of 21, but he pitches like hes schizophrenic, I never know what to expect when his turn comes up. Its pathetic that someone like Scott Elarton, a colorado rockie reject, is the Ace of the indians pitching staff.

Then theres the Cincinnati series. The reds only won one game, yes, but they completely outplayed the indians 2 of those games, save saturday nights slugfest by cleveland.

Game 3 of the tigers series seemed to be where the team lost all its gas. strangely, Hafner did not start that game. Detroit won that game and the next one.

The yankees now have taken the first 2 games of a 4 game series beating 2 of the indians best and most consistent pitchers. When did the yankees become good again? Why is it too much to ask to continue to watch the most hated team in baseball fall apart? why cant steinbrenner just die already?

with all the steroid controversy surrounding him, Jason Giambi has now come out of a season long slump to hit 4 home runs in 10 at bats. Hes been a big reason the yankees are on the streak they are. hes got his team thinking playoffs, when a month ago this team was dead.

Cleveland, on the other hand, are losing the ground in the wild card they've held for over 3 weeks. Everytime the twins lost, the tribe did too. The indians should be in first place, but with the way they're falling off they're going to start debating if they're sellers or buyers to the teams that can play and win consistently, who will be playing in October.

Inexperience, inconsistency, cheap and moronic ownership. The fate of the indians lays with the players. Their manager smacks his lips and rocks back and forth on the steps of the dugout and says "uhhh" alot. Shapiro just sits back in his lazy boy and bitches about the attendance. Hey Mark, MAYBE if you SPENT the money for IMPACT players you'd HAVE a winning team. MAYBE they wouldnt fall apart when it counted the most.

The same indians bullpen that had been so dominant through the first 70+ games of the season has become anything but certain. Riske's high fastballs have been hit so far they havent even landed yet. Rhodes' ERA has skyrocketed, Bob Wickman throws balls OVER the head of his first basemen and Rafael Betancourt tested positive for steroids.

So much for contention huh Mark?