For one night, Cleveland is above the rest.

A season filled with such promise and a lineup filled with so much talent seems to have been the formula for such a distastrous season. The fans know where it went wrong, the players had to have sensed it before the season opener. but this is baseball, this is the game that can humble and humiliate you quicker than any other sport. (with a little help from a penny pinching owner named Rachel Phelps..i mean Larry Dolan.)

This season began without up and coming house hold names and fan favorites. This season everyone who knew even the slightest detail about the game of baseball called vegas with their overwhelming confidence that the Cleveland Indians were a lock to win the franchises first world series in 58 years. This season might just be the most frustrating year I've gone through with the indians. This season made me fall off the edge and finally develop that drinking problem I've always wanted.

I wasnt living in Cleveland last year when this team put together the best single month in the history of the game so I have no idea what the atmosphere was like. I was slightly young in the 90's when those world series teams took the field and I only made it to a handful of games. I wasnt even witness to the greatest comeback in MLB history but the audio and realization of what took place brings me to tears everytime I listen to it.

I can only imagine, and only dream of what any sort of title would mean to the City of Cleveland. Boston wont have SHIT on that celebration. Until then, I can only rely on MVP Baseball 2005 to take me to the promised-land. but even after 2 seasons of that game, like my real, and larger than life heroes, I still fail at the end.

Everytime I suffer through 9 innings of a defeat I'm constantly reminded of a man who told me things have to get better someday.

Sometime in 2005, I believe against the White Sox I was sitting in the bleachers with my friend tony. As the last out of another loss popped into the mit of the opposing catcher, I slowly buried my face in my hat only to be consoled by a complete stranger who uttered "dont worry son, walk out of here knowing you did everything you could do to help them and always remember that better days are ahead".

It meant something. This man was rather old so theres no doubt he was alive the last time Cleveland won a pennant. which also means he was there during the 70's and 80's...arguably the franchises darkest decades. For him to say that and obviously mean it speaks volumes of the soul of the Cleveland fan. what any other fan in other city has that kind of stamina or heart? Red sox fans? two words. Patriots, Celtics. Cubs fans? likewise, Bears, bulls, blackhawks and most recently the white sox.

So I hope this year is rock bottom because my body, soul, and entire existence has begun to revolve around something that shouldnt be this important, but it is. Fuck you to anyone who ever tells me its just a game. Tell that to the psychiatrist who is eventually going to have to treat me if this keeps up.

So, In this very season and eptiome of Murphys law, _something_ finally went our way.

In 2001 The Cleveland Indians staged the greatest comeback in Major league history by rallying from 12 runs down in the 7th inning to force extra's and eventually win. The date is now August, 24th, 2006. 5 years and and 19 days later.

Buddy Bell owns eric wedge. knows his every move, knows his every strategy. so its no wonder the royals have made the indians their bitch this year.

After losing the opening game of the series Cleveland quickly found themselves down 10-1 in the first inning. Paul Byrd pitched his shortest outing in 6 years with 8 of those runs being earned.

MLB tv blacked me out so I had to follow gameday. it was 12-9 when I turned it on and then 13-11 when I left for work. I was reminded of that game in '01 only because a fan on the indians messageboard jokingly began a post on this very scenario...I'd like to shake their hand.

To any other baseball fan this game was simply two bottom dweller teams playing a meaningless game on a wednesday night. For Indians fans and having so little to cheer about this year, it meant the world. The Indians dead and buried in the very first inning clawed, fought and punched their way back into the game. Once Royals Starter de la rosa was removed the stage for the unbelievable was presented.

Kansas City twice answered a cleveland rally with big innings of their own but it was cleveland who lasted in the later rounds.

The indians with two outs in the 9th rallied on shin soo choo's triple down the right field line that scored the tying run. the hundreds of Indians fans in attendance, although rather faint, must have been beside themselves. Tom Hamilton described the scene in the Indians dugout as undescribable.

the bitch about all of this is that I was SUPPOSED to be there but I elected to stay and put in more hours at work. please kick me in the nuts.

in the 10th and again with two outs, Ryan Garko gave the indians the lead on an rbi single up the middle that scored a blazing Grady Sizemore who was on second. Royals centerfielder Joey Gathwright was playing shallow as well but Sizemores speed beat the throw by about 6 seconds.

The Cleveland Indians made Eric Wedge sound like he's actually been telling the truth. I'm not fan of him either and want him fired. All season hes been criticized for how he's managed crucial situations in a game and how this team never gives up. well, after that, I believed him. This team never quit, they never felt this was too big of a hole to climb out of. Aaron Boone was said to have been pacing the dugout yelling at his teammates to motivate themselves and get the job done. they did, and became part of the second greatest comeback in team history. The royals go down in the record books as only the second team to ever post a 10 run first inning only to lose. the '89 pirates are the other.

So to the baseball fans who shared the opinion I stated above about a meaningless game, what do you say now? The true baseball fan would appreciate something like this. This is what this game is about and displayed the type of intensity and passion this game is supposed to be played with. The two teams' seasons are over, but no one can deny what took place on wednesday night.

Baseball History.

A game like this doesnt erase the suffering and disappointment this season has brought tribe fans but at least, if for only one night, I might have understood what those mans words meant and for that, I havent ever been more proud than I am right now to say " I am a Cleveland Indians fan".

Un fucking believable.