conversation with tony.

Me: its amazing how much god hates cleveland. the cubs motto is "to be a cubs fan you have to have a sense of humour" well, if thats true then what kind of sick personality do you have to have to continue to be a cleveland fan?

Tony: yea its kinda fucking ridiculous. sometimes you have to laugh at ourselves like everyone else does, but I dont find one bit of this funny.

me: first browns game thursday. wonder if hank will have it on NFL ticket, i have to work that night anyway so I wont wake up to see it. just like the indians, browns fans seem to have high hopes for this season but this is how it starts. I figure if I start drinking now my tolerance will be right where it should be come opening day. I'd love to think the bengals wont be a factor considering all the shit they've gone through in the last year but i wont bet on that.

tony: Im pumped. wish you were here man. I got no one to to do the daygame rituals with anymore. ..fuck the bengals.

Me: I know and i'm sorry, I'll be there next december AND my dad said he'd give me an all expenses paid trip to cleveland (barring a home game) if we make the playoffs.. that shit would be ON.

tony: haha, oh man. that'd be fucking sweet.

me: still, I dont think it'd be anything like the muni days. that game with my dad against the patriots sitting in the dawgpound was fucking unbelievable. some fans have told me the closest that place ever came to being as loud as muni was the game against atlanta.

tony: no shit.

me: gonna sport my browns shirt signed by holcomb at work tonight then wear my frye jersey all day thursday.

tony: yea, i gotta get a new jersey, quincy is a little bitch. alright i gotta get to work but i'll call you sometime this week. later.

me: take it easy. go browns.