It Begins Today.

Like MattLeinart and Reggie Bush last year, The top 2 Heisman candidates are again on the same team in 2006. Troy Smith (left) and Ted Ginn (below) are a big reason why Columbus is buzzing with National Title whispers. Leading them is Jim Tressel, a coach with a calm and soft spoken demeanor, but also a frightening psychological domination over Lloyd Carr and "that school up north."

He can outcoach and outscheme anyone and will forever receive a free pass from the buckeye faithful for the rest of his life for what he has been able to add to his resume so far. ..well, barring that he doesnt suffer consecutive losses to the likes of John Cooper that ultimately shattered any Buckeye hopes of a national championship.

Ohio State lost 9 defensive starters to the N.F.L. draft this past spring but in his 5th year in Columbus, Jim Tressel has put together yet another strong recruiting class that ranks in the top 3 in the country and helped every "expert" in the country decide who was #1.

A Recruits of note is Freshman Defensive End Robert Rose. A 6'4 255lb machine of a pass rusher is going to cause alot of havoc and give any Offensive lineman a very long day.

Another is Chris Wells out of Garfield high school in Akron and the second bluechip prospect recruited this year. Wells is being touted as a kid strong enough to play fullback and fast enough to line up as a tailback. speed and vision gives this kid tremendous ability. has very quick feet and can hit the hole in a hurry. He stands at 6'1 and weighs around 225-230lbs.

Ohio States season comes down to two games...

The game of the year is a rematch from last season between texas and the buckeyes. Its the second game of the season and this time its in austin. The longhorns are missing Vince Young already. With young gone it will be easier for defenses to key on the other so called play makers with double teams and blitzes ultimately shutting the longhorns down. Texas' strength will be their defense but a long season could be their worst enemy. I predict this unit to be worn down by having to be the ones that keeps them in the game. Ohio State is going to roll.

This rivalry is the real civil war. no beavers or ducks here either. No red sox - yankees, not even the browns - steelers rivalry is more intense and holds more emotion and meaning than The greatest and most fiercest rivalry in all of sports.

Its in the shoe this year and we'll be ready. Records mean nothing when these two teams play the buckeyes look alot stronger and with the atmosphere of the fans I dont think the wolverines stand a chance. tressel will own the wolverines again going 5-1 against them while that school of mutants will be lucky to get 6 wins and Lloyd droopy eyed carr will be unemployed.

I'm not bitter..

there is only one choice for #1...

We are ....The Ohio State University.