Westbrook his own enemy today.

Westbrook had it. He had the game in his grasp.

Cleveland took a 3-3 tie into the yankees portion of the 5th inning. Westbrook easily recorded the first two outs but would walk the next two batters that proved to be costly.

New York put together an onslaught of hits and runs when Hideki Matsui lined a basehit to give the yankees the lead. with Jason Giambi getting a walk, Ruben sierra plated 2 more runs on a base hit to right.

once again, the indians bullpen faultered. Riske, Sauerbeck, Rhodes and Howry could not contain the damage to keep this game within reach.

Gary Sheffield drove the nail through the heart when he tagged Arthur Rhodes for a 2 run home run in the 8th.

The All star break starts tomorrow and regular play will resume on Thursday.

Time to get to business: Cleveland finishes the first half with a better than expected record of 47-41. Still, it can and will be argued by tribe faithful that the win column should be well above 50.

This team has shown glimpses of the greatness GM Mark Shapiro has talked about. Despite the severe highs and lows already, they are .500, they are contenders...for now. There is still 2 and a half months left of baseball with the wildcard race stuck at a 4 way tie for 3rd place.

There are also some questions that will be answered in the coming month as far as acquisitions are concerned. Who's going? who's coming? will there be any more moves at all?

The time for the Indians to strike is now. The white sox come to town for a 4 game series followed by Kansas city and Seattle. They have 32 matchups in their next 67 games against last place or sub .500 teams.

I'm happy with what I've seen, but I'm disheartened by the lack of inconsistency and the sudden implosion of the bullpen. To watch this team lose winnable games and the way they lose them is just agonizing.

Something needs to give.