pathetic ranger "fans"

booing indians fans that were cheering when sizemore and Kouzmanoff went deep on you guys. must suck having your own ballpark taken over by a team completely out of the way of your educationally challenged state, at least you had the chance to have real baseball fans in your park for the weekend.

I could understand if there was actually tension and a sense of a rivalry between us but there isnt and there never was. white sux fans dont even do that and if they did its understandable because that is a rivalry, but texas fans? thats fucking hilarious. if you're going to boo anyone boo your manager, your ownership. John Hart put together some great teams for us when he was in cleveland and he did the same when he took over for you guys but he never felt pitching was important. boo them, we showed up to watch our team.

whats wrong? ashamed of your entire bandwagon "fan" base? I lived in the dallas area a few years ago and no one talked about the rangers. I saw no merchandise and no commercials for games anywhere. nobody cared because you werent winning. the indians are having a poor season as well but still draw 25-30 thousand fans a night and had the highest sales in merchandise last year. for a team to fail like we have this year and still draw those kind of numbers tell you what loyalty really means.

let me break it down for you:

we're a bad team. I never denied that. but we at least have promise while your sorry team keeps rotting away in that ridiculously over done "vintage feel" stadium. i've been there. its a complete joke.

man that AL west is scary! Cleveland plays in the best division in baseball. Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota are among their opponents 19 times a year each. We were PICKED by baseball experts to all but win the world series this year. ESPN power rankings said the indians would be the best team in MLB.

Detroit embarassed you losers and never looked back and chicago picked up right where they left off from a year ago. Minnesotas sucess, if you havent heard, is on pace to be record setting.

Out of those 4 teams there had to be a loser. if you'd really like to get into detail about our failures this year i'd be more than happy to tell you but it might take awhile due to me having to use very _small_ words. you are from texas after all.

The indians will never be as popular or even come close to out selling the browns but our baseball fanbase is hardly "bandwagon". Our fanbase fully embraced the indians when we lost our football team. fans were starving for hope and we got it by a new stadium, new ownership and an extremely talented crop of rookies the likes of Albert Belle, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton and Carlos Baerga.

455 consecutive sellouts over the course of 6 division titles and 2 world series appearances later created one of the most passionate fanbases in all of baseball and produced a record that will never be broken.

we've been a team for 100 plus years and the indians have been a staple of this city every year of their existence. their sucess im sure gave birth to alot of front runners but what team doesnt have them? look no further than yankee, tiger, and white sox fans. to the people of cleveland the indians have always mattered. that is NOT fairweather.

we may not sell out anymore but I already gave you our attendance figures. it sure beats the heck out of the "pick a different seat, any seat" scenario for the ones who actually show up to watch your lousy team.

While we're at it, ready for the buckeyes to steamroll the longhorns? you think there were alot of indians fans at your park tonight...just wait until buckeye nation shows up and bitch smacks you fools. but until then we'll just sweep you away on sunday and you wont have to hear from me again.

In relative News. Kevin Kouzmanoff was called up from Triple-A on saturday to fill in for the injured Travis Hafner. In friday nights game Hafner took a pitch off of his right wrist and it is being said to be broken. Kouzmanoff tagged a grandslam in his first at bat and on the first pitch he saw. I've posted Kevin's numbers before and he is swinging the lumber well anywhere he has played. He was kind of put aside when the Indians aquired Andy Marte in spring training but with Marte in a ridiculous slump who knows what role either of them has right now. To Kevins advantage he can play 2b, 3b, and LF. utility players are never a bad thing. Clevelands roster is sure to be full of them next season.

fucking ranger fans.