we lost, again.


so I'm just going to go through the game with a conversation I had with tony this morning...

Me: We SUCK. we are absolutely, completely HORRIBLE.

Tony: yea, I know. we fucking blew it, offense is good but our pitching blows. we had that game.

Me: our offense is quite terrible too. we got lucky breaks against bad pitching. Bryd and Johnson are just worthless. Millwood and Elarton were the top 4 and 5 bottom rotation guys in baseball last year and we just let them walk?! they were more than worth the extra money. they're 35 + has beens and Johnson wasnt even good enough to make the Tigers staff. I'm going to hang him, or myself.

Tony: Byrd is alright, but you're right, Johnson is worthless.

Me: Bryd does fine the first 4 innings then implodes. he ALWAYS gives up that hit that gets the other team back into the game. FIRE WEDGE GOD DAMNIT.

Tony: amen, you said it. wedge needs to go, he has absolutely no clue on how to manage a baseball team. hes an idiot.

Me: see? I knew you'd understand. Im debating if I should even stay up to watch the game, god knows I need the sleep and i hate talking like this but I dont want to sit through 3 hours watching the biggest group of underachievers in baseball lose to the worst group of underachievers. we already lost the series, they're going to sweep us!. I can stomach sleeping through it not knowing my day was already ruined until I read the boxscore tonight rather than watching it and then going to bed knowing my day was ruined.

Tony: I know what you mean but this is our team, we gotta be there for them. you didnt really expect us to win the world series this year did you?

Me: tell that to our GM.

Tony: I'd stay up, dont be that fairweather guy.

Me: you're right, you know me better than that. is this why people cheer for the yankees? its disgusting, it really is. they'll never know what it feels like to win anything because they win EVERYTHING. they'll never know what its like to suffer with one team you're entire life and never reap the rewards of losing. Boston did it, why not us?!

As you can see tony is the calmer one here, but dont let the boy fool you, he can catch fire with the best of them. Him and I were yelling and cursing at aaron boone so fucking loud against oakland last year that the whole section was staring at and clapping for us. one guy even bought us a beer. We were congratulated by browns fans walking out of the stadium after the 2004 opener against baltimore. getting praise from other browns fans says something.

I hate the indians.