browns, bitching, and thoughts.

worthlessberger is a 100% grade A pussy. I know the dude was hurt before the game even started but how he was eventually flinching because jacksonvilles defense was drilling him every damn play. then he finally keeled over on the sidelines. not too mention the excuses he made. at least every steeler fan i talked to didnt make excuses ... charlie batch would have taken that abuse instead of roethlisberger, so it didnt really matter who played.

I hear tommy maddox is available. i think steeler fans would shoot somebody if that happened and speaking of homicidal fans. a loss to baltimore this sunday at home for the browns could seriously cause the stadium to burn down. if we go 0-3 at the hands of that team the ratbird fans that made the trip are going to be the target of a very ugly storm. its going to be bad.

just read our messageboards..I honestly dont think i've seen our fans this irate before. crennel shows no fire, our O.C. cant call a game to save his life, winslow is on the sidelines when he'd have the advantage and McGinest mopes on the sidelines.

McGinest is supposed to be a leader and a teacher to these guys and he sits out because of an insignificant injury? come on. I'd like to believe that the front office isnt letting people know that its actually quite serious but he has completely forgotten what it was like to take one for the team the way he did in New England? He needs to look at what Bruschi has done. a stroke, he comes back and plays, a broken hand, finger or even a leg and Bruschi would still play. the win is what matters, not himself. we're worst then last year and last season crennel got 6 wins out of a bunch of nobodies. I didnt even start drinking this year because I thought we'd have a better season. every sunday I call my dad and curse him for raising me this way. its worse than marriage.

somebody grab winslow by the throat and tell him to shut up ... he's played what ... 6 games in 3 years? but I thought about it and even though I dont want him on my team he has a point. he has no business calling out his coaches publicly like this but he swears hes already talked to them behind closed doors. he said we were already losing big, there was no way to come back so why not just open up the playbook on both sides of the ball, there is nothing to lose. that I agree with but he should NOT be the one saying anything.

I dont blame him but again im not taking sides either. this team is a fucking mess and I bet bellichick has already called crennel and said " told you cleveland sucks".

Chad Johnson got absolutely destroyed by Brian Russell. his post game interview was hilarious. dude didnt know where he was, if they won and was talking like he'd been drinking all day. maybe that hit will get the browns going. I hope every reciever we face this year has that hit in the back of their head. steve atwater would be proud. Johnson was really classy about it though. admitted it was a clean hit and that the NFL should leave it alone and not issue any sort of punishment. god that was vicious hit though. I'm glad he's ok but he had that coming.