a royal flush, and more of the same.

3 games against the worst team (well, in the standings it seems) in baseball. The Royals outcoached, outplayed and flat out, outclassed Cleveland. In all 3 games Cleveland had leads of 3 runs or more and blew every single one of them.

It was K.C. that looked like the team playing for first place.

Eric Wedge doesnt have a clue and I have no idea why I give him the respect of capitalizing his name.

He absolutely does not get it. A guy I worked with actually told me last year that Eric was a "great and inspiring manager"; I laughed, and proceeded to resist decking him.

Steve Phillips, during a spring training telecast this year, praised Mark Shapiro for 3 innings straight. His co-host would interrupt him and try to talk about the game being played but phillips would not shut up. "boy, what a job mark shapiro has done with this organization after all the heat he took from trading away bartolo colon, this has become the most dangerous team in baseball"...

Dear Steve fucking Phillips,
you had one of the highest payrolls in baseball to work with. your farm system was depleted because it'd been ignored for so long and you did nothing to fix it. You being the same guy that drove the Mets Franchise into the ground after their world series appearance and are the same problems Omar Minaya has been fixing for the last 2 years. You have the audacity to suggest The Indians general manager actually knows what hes doing? I guess you failed to see who we let go in the offseason and the rejects we replaced these players with.
Yea, GREAT JOB MARK. The multi-year-million dollar deals that peralta, hafner, sizemore, and martinez recieved were to cover your ass for the way you handle things.

1. A player starts to peek and has a good season, is on the verge of a career year.

2. has a career year.

3. they've become too expensive for you so they're traded for prospects ( with who you will treat the same when their time comes) and/or are outright released.

The Bullpen is shambles Mark and Steve, hows the trade and release of Howry and Rhodes looking now? I didnt think so.

the one good thing they did this year:

I have been a broussard supporter through and through, his 3 grand slams in the same week in 2004, his 1st inning 3 run bomb against minnesota the weekend we were playing for first place, and his 2 walk off home runs.
but he must have the worst downside I've ever seen in a player. When I've watched benny during his "hot" streaks, he is the hardest out in baseball. I dont care if that ball is coming in at 200 mph, hes going to crush it, but when hes not on, he cant hit anything.

I cant believe wedge actually figured out how to get consistent production from benny. bringing in a guy who absolutely crushes lefties is really the only thing I think that kept broussard here another year; although, graves, boone, and michaels and (insert worst FA signing here) lead me to believe further that wedge and shapiro are simply the biggest fucking idiots in the world.

I hate fairweather fans. I couldnt stand going to the park the last 2 years and seeing thirty thousand plus seats empty. its cold in april, I realize, kids are still in school then, I get that, it gets cold at night, i get that too, but whatever the reason, people are not coming out. get to that park....browns season doesnt start for another 5 months.

but I think I do get it. I cant blame anyone for deciding not to go see this little league team play every night. with the amount of my money that goes into these F.O. liars pockets, its sickening.

anyway, I'm losing track of my point. this team is just outright disgusting. can peralta not afford a dry cleaner? some one tell him hes supposed to dive instead of walk to the fucking ball.