email to my dad.

the browns simply ripped my fucking life apart yesterday.

I didnt go to work and didnt even make an excuse, I just simply told them I wasnt capable of making it in last night. I only managed to sleep due to being awake for 18 plus hours, a splitting headache thanks in part to the alcohol i so massively consumed after the game and still it wasnt enough to console me. what the hell happened. only we could lose a game like that.

I listened to all the press conferences this morning and no one seems like they're as beat up as the fans are. I understand the youth, that romeo is a rookie himself but god damnit show some fire, ACT like you're pissed off. dont tell me that we came a long way and if we keep this up we MAYBE can be a good football team. yea, we were in the game, yea, we matched those bastards for 4 quarters until it mattered the most. mental improvements dont mean shit in the win column.

If i wanted to hear about moral victories and how "the team won alot of battles today" I'd start a ballot to rehire butch davis. I'm so sick of this shit dad. when is it our turn? why, with teams like the lions, cardinals and all the other 0-3 teams are we always the brunt of jokes. The latest coming from Dan Marinos mouth on nfl live where he said their new show format would not include losing teams, "especially cleveland". i can only hope you're still around if and when this team has any legitimate shot at the superbowl.

It was red right 88, the fumble, and the drive all in the same game, to the ravens at that. off the leg of matt stover. remember that douche bag? I hope modell is smiling somewhere because if I ever find that son of a bitch his pacemaker is fucked. tony told me he broke his tv he was so angry and if ashleys phone was mine that would have been broken too.

I dont believe in curses but it might not be a bad idea to start to. there is simply nothing left to blame.