Cleveland signs Trot Nixon.

Not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand Nixons's leadership and 110% in everything he does is invaluable to a young team like the Indians. The type of leadership he brings with him is also a great asset and he will not tolerate losing and players simply going through the motions.

He will demand his teammates put the best possible effort they can give every single day. However, Nixon isnt exactly getting any younger and Cleveland already has a plethora of outfielders.

Nixon is only here for a year but I definately thought and was hoping this would have spelled the end of Jason Michaels. hopefully he's been demoted to being strictly a backup because Soo-Choo seems very capable of stealing his job.

Having adequate backups is a good thing with the indians because Sizemore, Choo, and Nixon will practically sacrifice anything to get to a ball. Nixon is known for this kind of reckless abandon and Sizemore and Choo are quickly garnering the same reputation.

This perhaps leaves Blake as either a starter, a backup (righty/lefty) or simply a utility guy. Which is fine, we need flexibility but it seems thats what our entire lineup is made up of. There's a platoon at almost every position except for Third Base. Which thank jesus christ means Boone is not on the roster but who knows what will become of Andy Marte.