Lee to disabled list.

Indians fans were more than likely expecting Sabathias early season woes to continue this year but it was Cliff Lee that fell victim this time.

The lefty is expected to miss at least 10 days due to a pulled abdominal muscle suffered earlier this week which will give Fausto Carmona a shot at possibly winning a rotation spot. After Carmonas terrible year pitching out of the bullpen the rotation seems to be the only spot for him. I hope the kid can find his way because he has too much promise to end up back in Buffalo and this is definately a good opportunity for him to shine.

Sowers impressive performance last season and with Andrew Brown being traded makes Fausto probably the best pitching prospect the indians have. Theres no telling what lays in wait for Adam Miller but alot of sources say that hes not ready and probably wont become a full time Major leaguer until at least the middle of 2008.

My only hope is that Lees injury doesnt have any lingering effects and that he will come back to form but again I'm not as concerned with Carmona likely filling in. However, over the last few seasons its become pretty easy to pencil in 18 wins for Cliff and I really hope Fausto is up to the task. its alot to ask of a young kid, especially in this division.

Carmona is having a great spring and just the other day completely shutdown the yankees.
Sadly, Carmona reminds me alot of Kaz Tadano. In 2004 He was the one who filled in C.C. when the big man went down and I thought he did a rather respectable job. then a year later was traded to oakland for a player that will make no sort of impact for the Indians. the label "4-A" player might find itself attached to Fausto should he blow yet another chance.

Dont be that guy, Fausto.

In other news, Trot Nixon is suffering from the same back problems that kept him sidelined most of last season. theres no telling how much time Nixon will miss if any at all. We already have a plethora of outfielders so this injury isnt as bad as it could be but its hard to find a guy that plays balls to the wall like Trot does. This isnt like the terrible Hollandsworth signing last year, Trot is a proven player who I believe still has some years left but just cant stay healthy. The guy is a leader and this team needs him badly.