Sabathia gets opening day nod.

For the second straight year C.C. Sabathia will open the season on April 1st against the Chicago White Sox.

This is good news and all but Indians fans will remember the same scenario last year where Sabathia had to leave early in the game due to an "aggravated muscle" in his pitching arm.

C.C. eventually came back and was named MLB's pitcher of the month in May but its the pattern that is forming for the talented lefty. In 2005 he was sidelined in spring training and wasnt back until the end of April and was inconsistent until the last few months of the season. The same story played out in 2006. Perhaps someone else should take the hill?

He's taken alot of flack from both the Cleveland media and the fans for having extended bouts of severe inconsistency and having it noted that these fluke injuries are directly related to being out of shape. However, He pulled out of last years World Baseball Classic to stay home and focus on being in playing condition for the year but that didnt seem to help either.

Injuries have little to do with it but C.C. is a fierce competitor with an inability to harness his emotions. He's been thrown out of numerous games for arguing balls and strikes ( seriously, he was right) and when he gets into trouble with hitters and men on base its near impossible for him to focus thus causing a complete meltdown and usually becomes the beginning of a route.

When Sabathia is on he is easily one of the most dominating pitchers in the game. A fastball that hits anywhere from 94-99 mph, a curve and slider that isnt even fair and a changeup that turned sammy sosa inside out. Cleveland has never hinted at giving up on the guy but more indepth coaching or perhaps even anger management would allow him to be the shutdown starter hes very capable of being. We have him until after the 2008 season and he's said that he loves it here so I hope he sticks around, but hopefully with a bit more maturity.