2007:Game 1

The Indians for the 3rd straight year opened the 2007 MLB season on the south side of Chicago and from the 2nd pitch completely took control of the game. The atmosphere at U.S. Cellular field wasnt the same as it was last year when the White Sox held a world series championship ceremony and the indians made sure that it wouldnt become anything of the sort.

Grady Sizemore got a high and inside fastball and parked it in the cleveland bullpen. the hit parade was on and White Sox starter Jose Contreras barely made it out of the 1st inning. The Indians tagged Contreras for 5 runs in the 1st and 4 runs in the second. Contreras, clearly frustrated decided to show up A.J. Pierzynski. A.J. was coming out to the mound to talk with his pitcher and before Pierzynski even got there Contreras turned his back to him and started walking towards the white sox dugout. He was quickly pulled after that only for the white sox bullpen to surrender even more runs to a very alive and hungry Indians offense. the final line was 12-5 Cleveland but those five runs came when the game was already well out of hand. Chicago simply didnt show up.

Sabathia wasnt great getting showered for a couple of hits and 3 earned runs but he made his pitches when he had to and got the outs before the white sox could put together any kind of rally.

Nothing to really get excited about though considering Cleveland got off to a 6-1 start last year and werent a very good team soon after that. Game 2 is wednesday night. We'll see Westbrook face off against leftie Mark Buerhle.