Games two and three.

In game 1 Jake westbrook looked just awful. surrending 5 runs on 7 hits with a 3 run blast by Jim thome and 2 run home run by Tadahito Iguchi but somehow the indians prevailed 8-7. Grady Sizemore hit his 2nd home run in as many games to put the indians on top but Joe borowski made it interesting with the usual drama provided by the indians bullpen.

with runners on 1st and second borowski was able to record the next 2 outs relatively easy but with Joe Crede at the plate it seemed the indians wouldnt escape this one. Crede lifted a deep fly ball that kept carrying in the fierce chicago wind and had Jason Michaels practically running in circles to try to track the balls landing spot. As Michaels got to the warning track he lost his footing and instinctively reached out for the ball with his throwing hand and it miracously fell right to him giving the indians the win. the catch was number 1 on Baseball Tonight's web gems.

Game 3 was lost by young gun Jeremy Sowers in another tight battle but with little offense. the white sox won this one by the tally of 4-3.