Lofton returns to cleveland.

After a 6 year absence and numerous post season appearances with other teams, Kenny Lofton finally came home. It brought a different type of energy to the indians friday night, an energy that has been lacking on the field and in the stands all season. a near sellout crowd showed up to greet Lofton with a standing ovation everytime he came to bat and he returned the favor by going 3-5 with an rbi. A slap bunt off of home plate brought back alot of memories of the 90's. seeing number 7, on first base, in an indians uniform once again was very emotional.

However, It was a move that I can and cant agree with. Lofton even at 40 years old is a difference maker. he consistently hits for average and can still run the bases like hes 20. Like I said above, he brought an entirely new dynamic to an already potent cleveland lineup and the rest of the team fed off of him. His ability to continously reach base and drive in runs is almost magical to watch. Having him back is great but to me this was just a ploy to get on the fans goodside. He sees the more than half empty stadium, despite the indians being in and out of first place all season and he knows the fans are really angry at all the empty promises. it was almost his way of coniving the fans once again. like he was saying "see, we're trying, we're making moves". No Mark, thats not good enough. why are guys like nixon and michaels still on this team? its evident why the red sox wanted nothing to do with trot anymore and michaels cant hit righties at all. wouldnt these roster spots seem better used for pitchers?

While I agree that we need loftons abilities, a pitcher should have been the first move made. that would have a been a pretty good indication that shapiro and dolan are commited to winning it all. It was nice to see a trade for a major leaguer instead of continuously "building for the future".

The trading deadline is tuesday and shapiro has been talking about acquiring a set up/extra relief man for months now. with names like dotel, gagne, and backe to name a few being thrown around, its hard for me and other indians fans to just sit still and accept that another move might not be made. In my opinion adding a veteran arm (preferrably who is familar with october) and making the bridge between the middle relief guys and borowski smoother will no doubt make the indians a serious world series contender. so where is this guy shapiro? Dotel and Gagne are serious injury risks, sure but arent all the other pitchers you've signed?

I'm trying to be patient with this front office considering how well the indians have played this season but its running thin. My mind is telling me we're going to october, my heart says I'm going to be let down once again because a vital piece was ignored. you have 4 days mark, get it done.