just another cleveland meltdown

"If it doesn't happen, so, who cares? There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world. We're confident everyday. It doesn't matter how things go for you, you know, we're not going to give up. We're just going to go and play the game like I said and move on. And if it doesn't happen, so, who cares?..."

Those were the comments made by Manny Ramirez about his team's 3 games to 1 deficit in the ALCS. "Manny is Manny" and comments like this should come as no surprize to red sox or baseball fans, but it has and it has rubbed alot of people the wrong way. I get what he said and I know what he was trying to say but still, he should have chosen his words alot more carefully.

However, I'll try to do my best to sum up the feelings of those that took it as he doesnt care. It's easy to make comments like that when you're already being penciled in for the Hall of Fame. It's easy to make those comments when you already have your named etched on that beautiful trophy and in addition the owner of a ring that most players will only dream about. It's easy to not care when your team makes the playoffs year in and year out and are on the verge of going to their second world series in the last 3 years and your 4th world series overall as a player.

Manny, you make more money in one season than my immediate family combined will ever see. You play a game that is a religion to the fans of this sport and all you do every season is make a mockery of it. Theres a difference between having a good time and being a fucking jerk. You left the Indians on what I thought were good terms. I can only commend you for the fact that you were honest about wanting more money and didnt lie like Thome did but you do deserve the brutal treatment you recieve when the red sox come to cleveland. Your antics are angering, your "home run trot" infuriating and it makes people want to punch you. It would only seem fitting that you were sent home for the winter by the team that made you a star. luckily for you, the indians have mastered the art of falling apart.

Welcome to the second biggest chokejob in the history of Major League Baseball.

Its masochism, its insanity, its lunacy, its torture and its completely redundant having to write about this all the damn time but thats the point. it never ends. How can we allow ourselves to continuously get our hopes up year after year full well knowing we're going to be left in tears in the end? Does this actually make us better fans or does it mean we've actually lost our minds? I know one thing is for sure, the latest installment of this nightmare has, from my own observation, completely sucked the life out of this city. not too mention its been raining here every day since the indians meltdown. Ironic? I dont know but a weird coincidence nonetheless. The failures of Cleveland sports might as well be told as bedtime stories to the children of Northeast Ohio because no poor bastard should have to learn this on their own. It'd make sense to because being prepared for it might work but there is nothing in the world that can ever prepare you for it. You know its coming though, you just dont know when and when it does, You're actually still surprized which means you're an absolute mess of emotion. You fell for it again. my god.

I take losses like this personally and I always have. I invest so much of my energy and finances into this team and the only appreciation they ever show me is that its all for not. To some people, this game, this team is all they have and when fans feel like that, sports isnt just a game anymore. My loyalty and support of the Cleveland Indians has been a big part of who I am for years and no matter how mad I got or how many times they utterly broke my heart I never considered leaving. Hoping that one day they'll win it all and I can say I stuck with them through all the agonizing losses. but when is enough, enough? I mean really? Alot of people laugh when I've mentioned that I might seek professional help if this keeps up but its not funny, its not funny at all and i would guarantee Im not alone. It hurts to be this torn down and so full of disappointment. Its devastating to know just how close we were to potential glory and it blew up in our faces. One game. thats all we had to win. We believed the lie once again, for 174 games we honestly thought this was the year. Once again, the joke is on you, me, and the city of Cleveland.

1948. That was the last time the Indians won the world series. Led by Bob Feller and young sensation Rocky Colavito. I always wanted the supposed "curse of rocky colavito" to catch the attention of the national media. The curse of the bambino and the billy goat were always good stories to hear about whenever October baseball came around. Its an interesting way to explain why the team you've followed your whole life has sucked for so long. it doesnt matter, I just cant focus on what I really want to write which is about the completely insane optimism yet careless attitude most indians fans have had throughout this postseason.

Taking down the yankees wasnt the big deal everybody made it out to be. with as much drama and turmoil that exists in the bronx you couldnt help but know new york wasnt going to make it very far. Coupled with A-Rods history of disappearing in the playoffs and that their pitching wouldnt hold up. Cleveland had the bats to outscore them and thats what they did. Sabathia and Carmona were the only two games we really needed our pitchers to step up, the other 1 or 2 guys just had to minimize the damage. and they did. advantage: indians.

Its game 7 of the ALCS and its currently 6-2 boston which means the Indians are only 6 outs away from completing their shakespearian collapse. I havent watched a single inning of this game and I turned off game 6 right after J.D. Drew hit a 1st inning grand slam. This doesnt make me any less of a fan and it certainly doesnt mean I dont care or that I'm not upset. No, I'm actually devastated. This is what I've been hearing lately, that I'm not allowed to just watch them when they win. Ok, then you're not allowed to just show up at jacobs field when they make the playoffs, either. Ironically these comments were coming from the same so-called fans that were basically reiterating Ramirez's comments. "theres always next year, at least they came this far, even if they dont win it all, it was a successful season, they'll be back-dont worry, I didnt know they even made the playoffs, go tribe!".

That kind of mindset is what breeds a losing mentality amongst a teams fans regardless how optimistic it may seem. To say those kind of things is to admit that you dont care, that you're completely content with consistently losing and holding on to moral victories when nothing else should matter but breaking 60 fucking years of futility and finally giving this city a world series trophy. These are the same "fans" that didnt show up despite having a first place team all season long. The same fans that support an ownership that gave away an extention to eric wedge like it was free. Unfortunately, it made the front office look brilliant because of how far the indians made it. Enjoy the extra cash wedge, now you really dont have to prove anything, just keep losing with the belief that you tried your best and you'll get paid. I cant wait to hear your post game conference to see what kind of idiotic excuses you make for this one.

You're wrong Ryan Garko, you're wrong Chip Caray and Bob Brenly, we are not the "best fans" in baseball, Not even close. we're some of the worst. this maddness just prove it. It was rather angering how all the pregame talk and highlight reels were about nothing but the red sox and how all the in-game announcers talked about was boston and fenway park. I was angered until I really thought about it. No one knows about us, the indians havent really done a thing to gain any kind of national respect. Im glad they didnt show highlights of games throughout the season because those watching would have seen a half empty stadium and morons dressing up like native americans. probably might have even caught a glimpse of "the wave". I'm just so utterly embarassed right now. The only good thing I have to say about our fans is that as soon as the indians clinched a playoff spot, People actually thought we were going to finally win it all. I dont think I've experienced such a widespread sense of optimism from this city regarding a sports team but the compliments stop there. and so does the fairy tale season.

I didnt want to watch because I know better. its always the same story. I'm sick of the heartache, the disappointment. I'm sick of that feeling in my heart that they're going to lose, that you can just feel that they dont have a chance. That euphoria is only one win away but that they're just not good enough. Im sick of being so emotionally involved that the outcome of a game reflects how I act, if I eat or sleep, or if I even talk to anybody for days. there just arent any strong enough words to really describe how that feels and how bad it stings. You never get used to losing, it becomes familar sure, but you never get used to it and it certainly doesnt make the helplessness that your season just ended any easier to take. There is no restart button for moments like this.

I said all along that if the Indians run into boston, they will lose. My prediction seemed to be going as planned as the sox steamrolled us in the first meeting. Then Cleveland won 3 straight making me look like an idiot and I couldnt have been happier about it. We were up 3-1. But in game 5, Sabathia forgot how to pitch and the series was back to New England. I knew then without a doubt that it was over. Carmona finally looked like a rookie in game 6 and now here it is, game 7 and Westbrook looks like the same $33 million batting practice pitcher hes been all season. I was right, and you probably cant imagine how much I wish I wasn't. Its currently 11-2 red sox. 3 outs away from more heartbreak.

I watched the 1997 world series. I remember every last detail of those games and this series is looking all too familar. A 3 games to 1 lead with a chance to put it away at home and they lost sending it back to florida where the marlins just took over and inevitably won. Here it is now, 10 years later and pretty much the exact same scenario. Cleveland had it, it was theirs to take and they didnt want it. they just didnt want it. Just one game, thats all we had to win for a date in the world series. Coco Crisp just caught the 3rd out to send boston to the world series. collapse complete.

see you in april.