some fans pray, I drink.

To anyone going to the game tonight, remember, to bring your "FIRE (insert name here)" signs and brown bags to cover your face with. Just a friendly reminder that in 5 months the draught will reach 59 years. oh, I forgot, some of you more "positive" fans still had hope.

Unbelievable beyond description. This team is going to kill me. No, I'm not kidding. I take losses personally. I always have. After a loss I dont want to be bothered, I dont want to be talked to. I like to throw things and stare at my tv for an hour after the final out. I allow myself to believe I really had something to do with how and why they lost and feel insulted when I realize that it was actually the players, not me, that lost.

I've strongly considered counseling to deal with this agonizing fandom I so willingly subject myself to. The only counselor I've expressed interest in talking to about this is my father, who is often the brunt of my raging phone calls about blowing the team up and moving out of the city.

As I write this, Myself and fans on the teams messageboard are helping me put together a list noting the 10 ways they'll blow the game tonight despite Sabathia's 4-1 record so far and dominant record against that other team from chicago.

Reasons so far:
1. Chicago scores more runs than Cleveland.
2. Buerhle shows up in a Cy Young costume.
3. Danny Graves is somehow in the bullpen, and he gets put in, but with this team he could probably blow it in the bullpen.
4. Blake goes hitless again tonight.
5. Martinez continues to swing at balls and watch strikes go right by him.
6. more Peralta errors, oh, and that thing called not hitting, or hussle.
7. its fucking hot
8. Mota gives up not one, but TWO homeruns with the game on the line.
9. wickman
10. Shapiro re-signed Jose Jimenez