You had it coming, punk.

A.J. Pierzynski, catcher for the chicago white sux has had the reputation of a dirty player with a big mouth to the extreme of his own teammates strongly disliking him.

The heated windy city rivalry spilled over to a bench clearing brawl after Cubs catcher Michael Barrett took his teams frustrations and pierzynskis attitude adjustments into his own hands.

Pierzynski was coming home to score when he lowered his shoulder into Barrett in an attempt to knock loose the ball..only problem was that it wasnt in Barretts glove yet. Pierzynski got up and slapped home plate with arrogant force. He then started walking TOWARDS the CUBS dugout. I'm pretty sure he wasnt going over there to say something nice to the cubs bench so barrett stopped him and aj said something or probably even spit in his face so barrett acted out and decked him right in the mouth.

and to all the pathetic white sox fans who read this:

aj is a punk and deserved every punch barrett might have landed and oh, good job on gang jumping John Mabry. why dont you fucking thugs try something like that when Zambrano pitches tomorrow, he was looking to deck someone today so I dare your "players" to try something like that with him.

Ozzie nutcase guillen has said since he became the manager of your second rate team in chicago that he was getting rid of the "bad attitude" that the white sox have been known for.

Guillen seems to forget that he PLAYED on those teams with THOSE players. he was a BIG part of it. yet he lands guys like this pathetic excuse for a "baseball player"? your logo even looks gang related, your stadium is in a terrible neighborhood where 3 people were stabbed in the same week after a game.

that same attitude shows its face in your hillbilly cheerleading television announcers and makes its way into the front office in Kenny williams. tell me your "fans" wont boo frank thomas when he comes back?

you guys might have "won" a world series (alot of calls that went your way not only in the series but also against the angels) but you never will be more important or even a first thought in the minds of the real baseball fans that live in chicago no matter what your GOD of a manager tells you.

1,2, or even 5 rings wont do anything but allow CUBS fans to despise you even more, not out of jealousy but out of sarcastic sympathy that you actually think your team sits on the same level as the red sox or cubs.

keep laughing, we'll see where all your so called "fans" are should your stepchild team have even ONE losing season in the next year. that dump of a park will be empty once again.

Bonds and 714:

The single season record is still 61.

I think I've more than turned on bonds. I've loved to watch this guy hit over the years but he did admit to using something. he only said he had "no idea". thats ridiculous, his trainer could give him rat poison and he wouldnt question it?

hes been a brat his whole life and disrupted the clubhouse of his fathers teams and annoyed players to the point of having kids banned from the locker room.

He wouldnt even take batting practice with his team in high school even as scouts sat in the bleachers. it was always about him.

hes admitted many times that he was jealous of the other roid heads in Mcguire and sosa during the 98 season and "couldnt stand not having the attention they did".

that is when I think he started using.

It still takes talent to hit a 98 MPH fastball, but at the same time...come on..if anyone should be chasing this record, its Griffey, without all the injuries, think of where he'd be in this chase