Greetings from fourth place.

Dear forth place,

We, the Cleveland Indians had such high hopes for this season coming off a choke job that will go down in indians history as EMBARASSING. We decided to pretend we could contend with the better teams in our division and even more superior teams in the rest of the American League to make the inevitable toilet flush easier to take.

"Contention! Contention!" was our battle cry. however, that was just another ploy by our wonderfully incompetent front office to drain the wallets of our ignorant, story believing, waiting for any kind of hope at all, fans.

Its been somewhat of awhile to wait but here we are fourth place. We've missed you and glad to be back where we, as a pathetic excuse for a major league baseball team, have just been waiting for the right time to reunite ourselves. Minnesota was just the comforter on the bed of SHIT our team has laid in all year.

C.C. Sabathia, despite his surprizing stats, weighs about 400 pounds and has a favorite game called Schizophrenia. David Riske, Coco Crisp, and Scott Sauerbeck will get a chance to see the playoffs this year with their new teams, funny how OUR players go somewhere ELSE and excel huh? Coco is at least not surprizing.

Wedge says "respect the game" "hes coming around" "its just a matter of time" " he had location problems but he'll bounce back".

respect the game huh? so you're content with allowing opposing pitchers to throw at your players without any retaliation because its a matter of respect? No, wedge, no one is telling you to be a goon and throw at someones head, but sticking up for your players is a part of baseball, you dont just take it in the ass because you feel like being Mr nice guy all the fucking time.

I believed the stories until they traded crisp. someone of his caliber and talent, YOU DONT TRADE. for a so called prospect who is falling on his face in triple A!

this season is OVER and will be the same story every year as long as these IDIOTS run my team.