Shapiro dodges reality

This article was written on the indians messageboard by a poster named Scultra32.

Shapiro is now P-Ring his way through the wild…he’s definitely Dolan’s yesman…
“Shapiro also said manager Eric Wedge is ‘part of the solution’…”

He’s part of the solution how? Don’t offer me generalizations. He’s the hired f—k and you’re the other hired f—k…how are you two going to make things happen now, as they should be happening? Is Wedge just bluffing with his poor managerial calls early on but is going to use his poker face and make magically fantastic calls from the dugout the rest of the way? Shut the f—k up, Shapiro…he’s Dolan’s financial solution. Get it clear.

"Are they a team that would consider right now trading a Major League player for prospects? Are they a team that would have to be big league for big league deal?” - Shitpiro

Um, weren’t we just the team last January who traded a Major League player for prospects? Now we’re looking back to the other side of the fence according to this bozo? AFTER winning 93 games last year? Are Marte, Shoppach and Mota a Big League deal? This just gets more embarrassing everyday…

"I think where our club is, and where we expect it to be next year and the year after, which is in the thick of things, I don't see us throwing in the towel at any point," he said.

You don’t huh? Ten games back behind not one but two of the best teams in MLB this year just within out division alone…a frightening bullpen staff, and a meager rotation, again…after winning 93 games last year? And you expect it, not KNOW it will be in “the thick of things” next year or the year after? WEREN’T WE JUST IN THE THICK OF THINGS last year, with seemingly nothing but upside to build upon? Make it more obvious you are Dolan’s yes-man keeping just enough talent around to draw fans to the park and viewers to the TV for additional revenue, but intend to never actually spend the extra few bucks to win.

"The challenge that we have here on a daily basis is that we continue to try and fix a lot of things," Shapiro said. "And to some extent they're a moving target. I think the best example of that is, up until a week ago, we had not blown a game that we were leading after seven innings. And in the last week, we've blown three of those."

LOL…well, color me dumb! Gosh golly gee, Hank! Shoot, if we’d just not done everything else wrong, such as let the players follow the idiot instruction or lack thereof from Wedge and Co. in numerous key moments that let games get away (like leaving Mota in for more than an inning multiple times) and gosh darn if Byrd and Johnson had come in here for duh money dey wuz paid to pretend likes dey wuz all-star pitchers and pitched like all-stars, and if dem players like Mota and Michaels were more than what they are…we’d darn well just be worrying about those blown leads in the last week…
and now that those three blown leads are the latest in the growing fiasco…they show a decline in the team…not a revival…thanks for pointing it out shitpiro.

But we’re in the thick of things…and Wedge is the solution to make that happen…and it’s not Shitpiro’s fault when no other team wants to be “big league” enough to trade away legitimate impact MLB players for unproven prospects, those jerks…

This article, written by fellow PR yesman Castrovince…just spells it all out…

Just concentrate on the Cavs and Browns!
Shapiro’s riding us around on a motorcycle with no helmet and Dolan paid for the work on the bike.