My email to Terry Pluto.

Born and Raised indians and browns fan. dont much care for basketball.

I apologize for not having read any of your books but I plan on changing that real quick. I love the conspiracy theories in sports and things having to do with curses. I dont believe in them, but its fun to speculate. May I link your Column to my website?

http://tribefanatic.blogspot.com its errant, not well written, and rather redundant but hey, its uncensored and free!

Is it possible to fire the entire indians roster? perhaps there might be some bright spots..maybe one, say Hafner? Sizemore is good, but hes not great. Martinez is the same type of hitter that Broussard is, STREAKY, but everyone wants BEN let go, why?

I didnt much follow the story of Phillips and his apparent attitude or why the front office turned sour on him but all I know is I kept him around in MVP 2005 and dude is just wicked good. 4 hr's 12 rbis in 10 games. so whats the story there?

There just seems to be an abundance of over hyped "prospects" we keep hearing about and never seeing. When they do get a chance, they fall on their face. Cleveland is supposed to have one of the top 5 farm systems in baseball but that is just har to believe.

Kouzmanoff should not be in double A. with the numbers this kid is putting up he should be given a shot in buffalo regardless of what Marte is doing. I'm glad to see Andy picking it up down there but I just dont get the hype on this kid. Boston and Atlanta said he had shoulder problems? and as I write this we just signed some 16 year old out of Venezula. granted hes a LONG way away but whos to say Marte is even the future or even kevin? what is with the sudden log jam at 3rd base? god help me if BOO-ne is resigned.

Eduardo Perez to seattle makes no sense. I know the guy is like 50 but next to hafner he has been our most consistent hitter. He was brought in to kill lefties, He did that and then some. The last time we got a shortstop from seattle he turned out to be some guy named Omar. Perez was our Jermaine Dye and Derrek Lee. Maybe you dont resign Perez at the end of the year but keep him around.

Cheerleaders or girls resembling such a thing do not belong in baseball; especially ones that arent even that cute. Is it really necessary to name a section of the stadium after a player? peskys pole is one thing but an entire section? These P.R. moves are absurd and embarrassing.

I probably come off as a rambling idiot but with the all the crap I've had to deal with supporting these teams, you seem like the guy that has the answers, or will at least understand. so I apologize for wasting your time and completely understand if you dont write back, you seem to have to deal with a million emails a day just like this.

My girlfriend is a cubs fan and can barely sit through a game anymore but I dont think she could ever understand the kind of torment our fans have been through.I cried when Municipal was bulldozed, let alone when the browns lost in 86. I was 3 years old and thats what shaped my life.

thanks for reading at least.