Omar to be back as Player/Manager?

You can find the article here:


As for my thoughts:

this is just insane and certainly too hard and far fetched to believe. its purely speculation and a HUGE pipe dream that indians fans, like myself will start drooling over.

Vizquel, with dolan and shapiro still here, is very unlikely.

perhaps thome was wrong for leaving, perhaps he wasnt, but its not the point, if I were Omar I wouldnt come back. He knows FIRST HAND how classless and cheap these two dolts are.

I wouldnt fire shelton but I'd give Murray another chance as well, assisant instructor or something like that. it wasnt entirely his fault for what this offense didnt do last year.

Murray wasnt the hitting instructor in the minor leagues, He was also not at fault for these players not knowing how to bunt, thats something they should have learned in high school or college. something the MANAGER is responsible for.

Wedge has continuously shown his inability to make the right decisions when it counts the most. HE is the one who has the final say on what happens during the game.

Orel would almost be considered a risk but a serious upgrade over carl willis. I know the indians sort of pursued him but he declined, I dont know the whole story though.

Hart is doing the same thing in texas as he did here with the offense but I'm pretty sure Orel didnt do what Hart thought he would do, their pitching was a mess.

anyway, god I hope there is some truth to this, I love Omar and miss him terribly.