Sowers baffles Twins.

This rivalry used to mean something. even just recently It was a big deal when the twins were in town because they were always in first place, they were the target but I guess if its not cleveland and pittsburgh, losing takes away the intensity, although minnesota has been on absolute fire lately.

Joe Inglett continues to shine in his limited play. He runs out ground balls, plays hard, good defense, can actually bunt, and is a smart player. Hes what you want in a utility player. I know belliards future here is an issue every season and he always returns but this time unfortunately, I think hes gone. I dont want to see ronnie go but I really hope ingletts play is not lost on the morons upstairs. He deserves to be on this roster. Belliard to third is not a bad option either should Marte not be ready.

Sowers threw a complete game shutout against a red hot twins offense stiffling hitters with every pitch. Since being called up he has been shaky to say the least but even in losing has shown he has good stuff. This kid has excelled at every level hes been at and I hoping for more of the same.

Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner continued to pick up the slack with grady accounting for 3 doubles and hafner launching his 29th home run of the year.