Martinez becoming expendable?

With garko looking like he'll be here on opening day next year and Kelly Shoppach having a far superior arm at catcher, I'm starting to wonder (and seriously worry) that it might actually be possible that victor might just be expendable. I know his contract, I know hes supposed to be here for another 5 years but it doesnt seem to necessarily mean that he will remain here.

I'm pretty sure I was told that Shoppach was the best catching prospect in the entire Red Sox system. While Shoppach hasnt played that much, he's already hit his 1st major league home run and can actually throw out baserunners.

Reasons for this logic:

1. Boston Scouts seem to think he's very capable of being a 20 hr-100 rbi guy. pretty much what martinez has done in his time in Cleveland.

2. The only reason Shoppach wasnt already up was because of Jason Varitek. Doug Mirabelli is a need for a pitcher like wakefield..so much so that the red sox got him back, Mirabelli couldnt be replaced.

3. Victor looks flat out uncomfortable. Im talking He has the look of a person who is about to get hit by a car. nervous to the point that he barely takes his foot off the bag.. and thats without a runner on base.

4. Victors bat is something this team cant afford to lose, even with him being almost as streaky as broussard. However, something has to explain the reps at first base, Why? what is the plan? is it just to give Kelly more playing time? am I reading too much into this? Have these bastards in charge really made me lose all faith in them?

5. Martinez is a converted shortstop. with the way peralta (yes, I know about his outrageous contract too) has been playing you would think this is where they'd look for help first. Jhonny does have an option left..

Being used as a DH is out of the question obviously due to Hafner as well as Martinez hits alot better batting right handed so there goes the platoon idea.

Peralta couldnt have had that great of a season last year if he was really that bad so I dont see this organization giving up on him. hes not that bad, right? right?! please tell me its not possible..

One more thing before I get ripped apart, Having changed positions once already, If I were Victor, I think I'd be alittle bit angry at what is going on and almost insulted.

Hes a good player, I just wish he had a better arm and was more consistent.