white flag is raised, wickman traded.

The Atlanta Braves acquired veteran closer Bob Wickman from the Cleveland Indians in return for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Wickman has converted 15-18 save opportunites this season with a 4.18 ERA.

John Schuerholz apparently agreed with John Smoltz’s desire to add veterans to the Braves for a playoff run. With the Braves recent level of play, Schuerholz has little choice but to shoot for one more run at the playoffs. With the Braves, it is hard to bet against them.

Ramirez was batting .285 with 9 home runs in Class A.

I'm not a wickman fan, I never have been despite his record setting amount of saves last year but for some reason I cant believe this story is true although its a typical shapiro trade.

We already have an abdundance of catchers with veterans Tim Laker and Einar Diaz rotting in Buffalo. Martinez will not become expendable as I suggested in a previous post but this just creates another log jam in our farm system. The poor kid will never get a shot at the big leagues as long as Martinez and Shoppach are around.

Its alright though, He'll probably be traded in another cora for vazquez trade.

Shapiros quote " we decided to take a low ball player who can play at an even higher level." Thats great mark, I mean thats really fucking great. Why dont you just write an article in the paper or a personally addressed letter to every single indians fan and tell them you give up. You still havent apologized for smacking Omar in the face with his sorry excuse for a replacement.

Sophomore slump? Not when a player doesnt listen to his coaches, not when a player doesnt work on the mechanics he knows are wrong. Peralta plays as if he cant afford a dry cleaner. Why should he try? He got his pay day and after one fluke season. prove me wrong jhonny, prove it to me for the sake of my liver. please.