I'm running out of people to blame for this. I'm running out of ways to describe the failure of 2006.

Fausto Carmona is a good pitcher. a pitcher with a live fastball and devastating offspeed stuff...but project "turn fausto into a closer" needs to be terminated. he is simply not one.

3 nights in a row the indians went into the 9th with the lead and lost. 3 nights in a row it was carmona on the mound. The kids confidence has to be below zero. I understand how these things work so dont think i'm just being a homer and looking for an excuse to attack wedge but this is a prime opportunity to do so...

Learning anything new is difficult, riding a bike, driving a car, etc. Carmona has to struggle, get into trouble and ultimately has to fail before he can and will get better. however, this is just more, more than obvious proof that wedge has not the slightest clue on how to manage his pitching staff. Let carmona stay in there, let him battle the hitter but with when he seems like he could be in trouble take him out. especially after what has happened to him the previous 2 nights.

The kid has to feel like he cant throw anything but fastballs because everyone of the pitches he lost the game on were breaking balls that hung way too long. He dominated in the setup role and I thought he seemed to find his spot if not in the rotation next year but having gone through this who knows what's going to happen. His head has got to be messed up right now.

Mariano Rivera got rocked at first too I'm sure but this is just insane. Fernando Cabrera, the supposed, sort of, future closer, has also had a dismal season to say the least. He has a breaking ball that falls off the fucking shelf but his fastball gets tagged nearly everytime.

The bullpen is a mess with no leadership and no confidence whatsoever. I've seen this before and it cost us 25 games in 2004. The exodus of jose jimenez and the return of veteran force Bob Wickman brought stability to an absolute horrible bullpen.

I know this season is lost but all I want is respectability. from opening day I just didnt understand or buy into the hype that this team was even that good. I honestly knew nothing about Eduardo Perez only that I was told he murders left handed pitching. I was sad to see him go and wish he was alot younger because we certainly found our coveted right handed power hitter.

I'm trying to get excited about browns season but I just cant. Its not happening like it usually does. Baseball is my favorite sport by far and anything short of a world series in cleveland this year would have been a failure.

162 games over the course of 6 months are alot compared to 17 NFL games but they become more personal and begin to mean alot more. You're with the same people day and day out, you lose sleep due to night games, you fall asleep listening to the game on the radio.

This is not just a game to me, Indians Baseball is my hobby and my life. I have this journal because of them, I'm writing a book about myself as a fan, and they are the reason I hugged my dad harder than I ever have. People at work come to me for updates and stats on a player because they know how religiously I follow this team.

To see them lose like this game after game is the hardest thing in the world for me to watch and its even harder to know that the powers that be dont seem to give a shit about how long indians fans have suffered.

You promised to do what Mr. Jacobs didnt do Mr. Dolan and that is win a world series. Only you're a carbon copy of the teams he helped assemble. You have 4 of the most talented players in the game and only one of them is a pitcher. Mr. Jacobs and John Hart neglected pitching as well that resulted in 2 world series losses.

You promised to spend the money this last offseason Mr.Dolan if the fans showed up..well we did and you lied once again.