what being stabbed feels like.

I really wish I could update this every day like I did last year, but how can I possibly write the same fucking thing when this team plays worse than the night before?..

But they didnt suck last night, they played hard and kept coming at boston every at bat. even in a lost season, these are the kind of losses that just _kill_you. this was our game to lose and we did. Carmona is our new closer and I'm not going to blame the kid one bit for this, but wedge had to be the only one in the world who didnt see that coming. Fausto had a 2-0 count on the most clutch hitter in baseball and he lost. Ortiz just murdered that ball.

I didnt plan to watch sportscenter this morning because I knew thats all they would talk about but in cleveland sports fan fashion, I did. I watched it everytime it came on. why? because thats we do.

Good luck Ronnie.
Another fan favorite was lead out of town sunday night in Ronnie Belliard to st.louis for wanna be super utility man hector luna and dolan saves money because of it. luna expects to play every day he says and I'm sure he will because wedge loves underachievers. Why even get this guy? or anyone for this position? Inglett hasnt been up that long and has impressed the hell out of me. Its not his bat so much as it is his defense. He's won the job as far as I'm concerned. Why do I sense another ryan ludwick situation.

The word from cardinal fans is that shapiro got worked and this luna guy is a joke. nothing new at all. Mr. new secondbaseman botched a routine grounder last night that made me scream RONNIE WOULD HAVE HAD THAT.

I dont even know if I was this upset when this front office made no effort to bring back omar. That seemed to be the point where I started to see just how bad I'd been had. Ronnie is not a hall of famer but should have won a gold glove last year. He may seem lazy and overweight but name another second basemen in baseball that can turn a double play faster than belliard? and just like broussard he was a white sux killer. He loved cleveland and he loved the fans. 162-0 or 0-162, he didnt care, he loved playing here. He was a leader and was humble about it. I'll be cheering for the cardinals to win the world series.

Messageboard fans reaction.
"The only way I can make myself feel good after a loss like this is to think of how Shapiro feels watching this one. I love the fact that this guy and his lies are finally being revealed. I love this team and I would love more for them to win, but Shapiro deserves it for trying to pull the covers over our eyes and say this team was close to contention. This guy is up there with my least favorite people in the history of Cleveland sports. If I saw him on the street I would have to hold myself back to not punch him in the gut and say see now you know how we all feel. This guy has destroyed our team and ruined the best part about summer.

The only good for this team would be finishing last. It is the only way that Dopeland and Cheapiro will see that this team was a fluke last year and not this year. It is the only way Wedge will get his @ss thrown out of this town. It is the only way that Dopeland will either spend the money or consider selling the team. You may say that I am crazy, but I guess it is do to my age, I almost dislike Dopeland more than I do Modell. The Indians are easily my favorite of the Cleveland sports team. I would give four 0-16 Browns teams for 1 world series victory. And I am a big Browns fan. I just can not say how disappointing this season has been. I have not had a summer in which I was more sickened by the Indians. I just hope for the teams sake that they finish in last. You have to realize you are sick before you can treat the illness.
I wish I could get rid of all emotional attachment to this team. I wish I could hope that they fall apart for about 5 years and have seasons in which they lose 130 games. But I am afraid that that would lead to them moving to another city. I just wish Shapiro and Doleland would move off to San Fransisco together and never show their faces again."

"I am at the point, and this is just sick, but I am hoping they lose everything fucking game the rest of the year so the public and fans all call for Dolan to sell. If there was a slight chance they could make the playoffs I wouldn't say this but now that there is no chance we having nothing to lose.
It has to get worse before it is going to get better. I know, it can't get much worse but it can and will get worse.
I wish they would interview Dolan and ask him tough questions and see exactly how much he really even knows about baseball."

My mom doesn't even watch the whole game, just because she can't stand to see them constantly blowing games. I could understand if we plain out stunk and got in a hole early that we couldnt dig ourselves out of, but these are always close games that we are in and leading most of the time going into the ninth. It kills me to constantly see scores of us losing by one or two runs, because of a walk off homer in the ninth. I really don't know if i can do this anymore. "