some notes.

To be completely honest I havent really been following the indians during spring training. Not to the extent I usually do anyway. So I'll post some quick notes for now.

The biggest question for the indians this year seemed to be who was going to be the 5th starter. Considering last years demotions of LHP Cliff Lee and Jeremy sowers, prospect Aaron Laffey was called up to take that spot. Laffey didnt steal the show but he stood his ground and showed he had a major league arm. It set up an open competition coming into 2008 between the 3 left handers but to no surprise Lee won the job. Laffey and Sowers will no doubt see time in cleveland it just probably wont be until late june or later or barring any injury.

I never expected the indians to go as far as they did last year so I bring the same kind of pessimistic skepticism into this season only hoping they can meet the expectations they now face but I'm not holding my breath. The Detroit Tigers did nothing to make it any easier for the Indians to win the division again. With the additions of Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera and Edgar Renteria to an already terrifying lineup, they may break the record for home runs and runs scored in a single season, however, reports about the tigers pitchers out of Lakeland havent exactly been inspiring. thats a good thing, though.

Cleveland opens up at home for the first time in 4 years against the chicago white sox and I'll finally be in attendance.