through 9 games.

I'm not even sure what to think about the indians right now. We're only 9 or so games in and already this season has been a strange one. The white sox lead the league in home runs with 11, the royals are tied for first place in the A.L. central division and have the 5th best record in the majors. The tigers (barring a red sox comeback) will win their first game tonight despite having one of the most fearsome and talented rosters in the game.

Yea, yea. "baseball is a marathon" and things can change very fast but who says its a bad thing to get off to a good start? The indians looked like they hadnt missed a beat when they fell behind in the first game only to put 7 straight runs on the board including 2 homeruns. Since then, they've looked lost, bored and completely over matched by the pitchers they've faced. Oh yea, Victor Martinez went down with another opening day hamstring. He's back now so its not all that bad but our hitters, all of them, have no patience at the plate. They arent working the count or showing even a glimpse of the patience they had last year that made them so effective. Ryan Garko looks like he lost some weight but it might have affected his swing, who knows. I'm just being an ass, by the way.

Why are Dellucci and Michaels still taking roster spots? 12 million dollars is being invested in these two rejects who have one hit combined, one hit! Why is Michaels, who lost his job last year to the 40 year old Kenny Lofton and is currently 1-18, batting second and now today third? Cabrera is our #2, thats where he belongs and he more than earned it last year. I know I keep saying "last year" but last year worked, last year was a success but leave it to wedge and his group of morons to forget that. Hey wedge, Chemistry is a good thing. Why does it seem like you intentionally do the opposite of right every game? did you pay attention to anything last season? Francisco outplayed both michaels and dellucci in spring training. he's our leftfielder, he's younger, has more potential, has a quicker and more fluid swing, has the ability to consistently hit for average. but who am I to question a "proven" managers decisions? Peralta third?! Cabrera 7th?!

Our pitchers? Carmona is still Carmona, Lee looks like he might have figured it out again (its only been one start though). Ironically, in his contract year no less, C.C. looks like a problem more than an ace, (again). He pitched so strongly on opening day but allowed the white sox to erase a 5 run deficit in under 3 innings. In his next start at Oakland he went 5.1 innings, gave up 4 runs on 6 hits and now his ERA sits at 7.59. it hasnt been the normal joy to watch him pitch, its been painful and frustrating. Westbrook had a good start he just needs to keep it up and consistency isnt exactly his trade.

The bullpen.. Jorge Julio? seriously? Betancourt and Perez are both on pace to pitch 92 innings in relief this season. Betancourts ERA is currently 8.00 and Perez is still very young. Thats too much responsibility for 2 guys. Using both of them this much already might be the only thing wedge has done right so far. He knows how good these guys were last season but there are other guys to use, such as Jensen Lewis. hopefully hes over using both raffies because he has no faith in anyone else. Which brings to my attention... Its not unorthodox or "against the book" to pull your closer. You dont let your pitchers, let alone your closer to walk the bases loaded with no outs and expect to get out of the inning. No one came out to talk to him, no coach, no catcher, no one! He was just allowed to single handedly blow the game. Borowski may have led the league in saves last year but he also led the league in blown saves. What did the Indians do? They resigned him.

We returned everyone except for lofton and have absolutely no reason to not be as good as we were last season. however, The tigers wont be this bad for long and when they get it going I dont want to have to face them. The white sox are drastically improved and will no doubt be in it all season. Its still early but with the talent within this division any kind of step back or slump will turn this year into a repeat of 2006.

The Indians dropped 4 games on their west coast road trip. They come home on friday to face the same A's team that should have swept them. Then its the Red sox and tigers. This team better get it going and soon.