Fireworks in Cleveland.

Last minute pleading for an all-star spot? eric wedge learned how to manage a game? good baseball? the indians? something lit a fire under this team that has been absent all year.

Cleveland took it to the yankees for the second night in a row systematically crushing everything that was thrown their way enroute to a 19-1 demolition of a team that possesses a 200 million dollar payroll.

Travis Hafner homered twice to left field (24 hr's 70 rbis), Victor Martinez went 5-6 with a home run (11 hr's 56 rbis) and a double. Jhonny Peralta went yard twice (9 hr's 39 rbis), and Ronnie Belliard homered (8 hr's 41 rbis) as well as making arguably the best defensive play of the entire year.

Belliard ran down a ground ball behind second base but as his momentum was carrying him out towards center he grabbed the ball and blindly flipped it behind his back to Peralta who was covering 2nd to get the out. absolutely amazing play.

Cleveland beat the yankees 22-0 in 2004. The game obviously got so out of hand that the new york fans that hung around actually started cheering on the indians. Omar Vizquel had a nearly perfect game going 6-7.

The television announcers said that the Yankees haven't given up that many runs on the road since 1987 And the team that has beaten them with the most runs in the last 2 years has been the Indians. And the only team that has beaten the Yankees worse on the road, the 1933 INDIANS.

If only we could play like this everynight and against everyone. Everyone in baseball knew what this offense was capable of even with the players we lost last year. that it couldnt be shut out for very long and eventually would simply errupt. its just always happened to be against the yankees.

Baseball fans, this ones for you.