email to my dad.

the browns simply ripped my fucking life apart yesterday.

I didnt go to work and didnt even make an excuse, I just simply told them I wasnt capable of making it in last night. I only managed to sleep due to being awake for 18 plus hours, a splitting headache thanks in part to the alcohol i so massively consumed after the game and still it wasnt enough to console me. what the hell happened. only we could lose a game like that.

I listened to all the press conferences this morning and no one seems like they're as beat up as the fans are. I understand the youth, that romeo is a rookie himself but god damnit show some fire, ACT like you're pissed off. dont tell me that we came a long way and if we keep this up we MAYBE can be a good football team. yea, we were in the game, yea, we matched those bastards for 4 quarters until it mattered the most. mental improvements dont mean shit in the win column.

If i wanted to hear about moral victories and how "the team won alot of battles today" I'd start a ballot to rehire butch davis. I'm so sick of this shit dad. when is it our turn? why, with teams like the lions, cardinals and all the other 0-3 teams are we always the brunt of jokes. The latest coming from Dan Marinos mouth on nfl live where he said their new show format would not include losing teams, "especially cleveland". i can only hope you're still around if and when this team has any legitimate shot at the superbowl.

It was red right 88, the fumble, and the drive all in the same game, to the ravens at that. off the leg of matt stover. remember that douche bag? I hope modell is smiling somewhere because if I ever find that son of a bitch his pacemaker is fucked. tony told me he broke his tv he was so angry and if ashleys phone was mine that would have been broken too.

I dont believe in curses but it might not be a bad idea to start to. there is simply nothing left to blame.


browns, bitching, and thoughts.

worthlessberger is a 100% grade A pussy. I know the dude was hurt before the game even started but how he was eventually flinching because jacksonvilles defense was drilling him every damn play. then he finally keeled over on the sidelines. not too mention the excuses he made. at least every steeler fan i talked to didnt make excuses ... charlie batch would have taken that abuse instead of roethlisberger, so it didnt really matter who played.

I hear tommy maddox is available. i think steeler fans would shoot somebody if that happened and speaking of homicidal fans. a loss to baltimore this sunday at home for the browns could seriously cause the stadium to burn down. if we go 0-3 at the hands of that team the ratbird fans that made the trip are going to be the target of a very ugly storm. its going to be bad.

just read our messageboards..I honestly dont think i've seen our fans this irate before. crennel shows no fire, our O.C. cant call a game to save his life, winslow is on the sidelines when he'd have the advantage and McGinest mopes on the sidelines.

McGinest is supposed to be a leader and a teacher to these guys and he sits out because of an insignificant injury? come on. I'd like to believe that the front office isnt letting people know that its actually quite serious but he has completely forgotten what it was like to take one for the team the way he did in New England? He needs to look at what Bruschi has done. a stroke, he comes back and plays, a broken hand, finger or even a leg and Bruschi would still play. the win is what matters, not himself. we're worst then last year and last season crennel got 6 wins out of a bunch of nobodies. I didnt even start drinking this year because I thought we'd have a better season. every sunday I call my dad and curse him for raising me this way. its worse than marriage.

somebody grab winslow by the throat and tell him to shut up ... he's played what ... 6 games in 3 years? but I thought about it and even though I dont want him on my team he has a point. he has no business calling out his coaches publicly like this but he swears hes already talked to them behind closed doors. he said we were already losing big, there was no way to come back so why not just open up the playbook on both sides of the ball, there is nothing to lose. that I agree with but he should NOT be the one saying anything.

I dont blame him but again im not taking sides either. this team is a fucking mess and I bet bellichick has already called crennel and said " told you cleveland sucks".

Chad Johnson got absolutely destroyed by Brian Russell. his post game interview was hilarious. dude didnt know where he was, if they won and was talking like he'd been drinking all day. maybe that hit will get the browns going. I hope every reciever we face this year has that hit in the back of their head. steve atwater would be proud. Johnson was really classy about it though. admitted it was a clean hit and that the NFL should leave it alone and not issue any sort of punishment. god that was vicious hit though. I'm glad he's ok but he had that coming.


If I had one I'd bet my wife.

I cant sleep, eat, or sit still. my hands are trembling just writing this. this is by far the biggest game of the year and bigger than the actual national championship. this is the national championship.

this entire week i've been able to think only about this game and the obvious things it means if we lose. This week I think I've realized what having a period feels like, because what this game has done to my mind and my emotions is ridiculous.

Not too mention that the Browns opener will be less than 15 hours away by the time this game ends so all the cautious and reserved optimism of another season will be tested very quickly. I dont know if I can handle that. being a browns fan is tough enough but with all the promise that became uncertainty in about 2 seconds with bentley and then being combined with a potential blow to our national title hopes, it's going to require alot of ...whats that word...patience.


An estimated 40.000 OSU fans are making the trip to austin for this game according to the Columbus dispatch. I know its early but this game could mean the season. I think we can afford one loss and still be in a title hunt but this one is about revenge. even though horns fans, should they lose, will say that "well, you didnt beat us when vince was here!" We did beat you. We contained young well enough that his ground game became ineffective and was forced to go to the air.

I'll become a homer for a second and state that Limas Sweed did not have possession when he came down in the endzone. he got his hands on it, bobbled it and was forced to trap it. Ryan Hambys dropped touchdown would have been the difference. It was 19-13 at that point and all the momentum was with the buckeyes. Hambys "should have been a touchdown" would have made it 27-13 and would have become a two possession game for texas. they answered but would have still fallen short, even if by one point.

I try not to discredit Vince Young but the 2005 longhorns were the most one dimensional teams I have ever seen. These so called "other weapons" become a mere distraction without young added in. As I've said in an earlier post, without Vince behind center Ohio States defense can key in on players like taylor, sweed, selvin youg, and jamal charles and if any defense can do this, its the Buckeyes. Young was the prime reason these players had any success. I could become a Heisman candidate with Young as my quarterback. I'd be wide open every play.

With the strength and speed of the front 4 the longhorns O-line is going to have fits. The players mentioned were merely good blockers. USC's defense was over rated to begin with but the way Young ran all over them tells me that Ohio State could have beaten USC as well. we stopped youngs feet, we would have stopped Bush too.

Tressel I'm sure has a gameplan soley designed for stopping texas's offense with defensive looks and concealed blitzes that are going to confuse the hell out of freshman quarterback Colt McCoy. so again Young barely beat us but somehow this poor kid actually has a chance? I'm not saying Texas wont move the ball, I'm just saying NO ONE is giving any edge whatsoever to the buckeyes defense. I know we have a young class of linebackers this year but so what? Their mentors were names like Hawk, Schlegel, Carpenter, oh and John Kerr learned from some guy named Wilhelm. I think our secondary is the weakest unit on the team but Malcolm Jenkins and Jamario O'Neal also had good mentors. "veteran" Safety Brandon Mitchell will knock you the fuck out.

This game is reminding me what it was like for the buckeyes leading up the 2002 National Championship against Miami. Every so-called expert said the buckeyes couldnt handle the speed of the hurricanes, that dorsey would throw 80 yard touchdown passes in his sleep and Mcgahee would shred the buckeyes front 7. we see how well THAT turned out didnt we. pathetic miami fans are STILL crying about that one. What no one outside of columbus realized was that the 2002 Ohio State Buckeye defense would become one of the, if not the best defensive units ever assembled in the history of NCAA football.

Texas fans are acting the same way. The comments and previews I've read pretty much suggest that ohio state not even show up. I know buckeye fans are guilty of the same thing but these so called fans are acting like NCAA football revolves around them. last I checked there were around 113 D-1A teams. Texas is hardly the center of college football and its fanbase is a joke compared to the fervor and passion displayed by buckeye fans.
one horn fan called us “the most obnoxious, arrogant, and rudest fans i’ve ever met, I had beer spilled on me all game long.”..so why did I take that as a compliment? haha. get ready for round 2 of those beer showers.

with a "hostile" crowd and "hot" weather the horns somehow have some imaginary advantage. Ohio Stadium is one of the most intimidating places to play in but we've lost there before. many times. Homefield advantage has nothing to do with it, its about execution and not being rattled by your opponent, not the crowd. We're the #1 team in the country and there is a reason for that but these horns fans probably didnt even know the buckeyes were a team, let alone a good one. we can win anywhere.

Young, like Dorsey, said that was the fastest defense he'd ever seen. Young said the Horseshoe was the loudest he'd ever played in so with those 40,000 plus scarlet and gray faithful behind them it could turn into the Horseshoe south especially if the buckeyes are up big. I know buckeye fans travel better than any other collegiate fanbase but I dont think that meant tickets sold. that'd be crazy.

The point is, Ohio state is a better team. With the suspension of "shutdown" horns cornerback Tarell Brown, Ted Ginn is going to have an even bigger game. I'm told some freshman is being told to stop #7 and on the faint chance that occurs Gonzalez will become a nightmare for the horns secondary.

even though Texas' defense might know a thing or two about stopping mobile quarterbacks it doesnt mean they will. Troy Smith, like young, thrives in these types of games. On the road at mishitgan last year is a prime example. He knows whats on the line and he is going to bring it. This is his last chance, He'll prevail.

Ohio state: 38
Texas: 21


pathetic ranger "fans"

booing indians fans that were cheering when sizemore and Kouzmanoff went deep on you guys. must suck having your own ballpark taken over by a team completely out of the way of your educationally challenged state, at least you had the chance to have real baseball fans in your park for the weekend.

I could understand if there was actually tension and a sense of a rivalry between us but there isnt and there never was. white sux fans dont even do that and if they did its understandable because that is a rivalry, but texas fans? thats fucking hilarious. if you're going to boo anyone boo your manager, your ownership. John Hart put together some great teams for us when he was in cleveland and he did the same when he took over for you guys but he never felt pitching was important. boo them, we showed up to watch our team.

whats wrong? ashamed of your entire bandwagon "fan" base? I lived in the dallas area a few years ago and no one talked about the rangers. I saw no merchandise and no commercials for games anywhere. nobody cared because you werent winning. the indians are having a poor season as well but still draw 25-30 thousand fans a night and had the highest sales in merchandise last year. for a team to fail like we have this year and still draw those kind of numbers tell you what loyalty really means.

let me break it down for you:

we're a bad team. I never denied that. but we at least have promise while your sorry team keeps rotting away in that ridiculously over done "vintage feel" stadium. i've been there. its a complete joke.

man that AL west is scary! Cleveland plays in the best division in baseball. Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota are among their opponents 19 times a year each. We were PICKED by baseball experts to all but win the world series this year. ESPN power rankings said the indians would be the best team in MLB.

Detroit embarassed you losers and never looked back and chicago picked up right where they left off from a year ago. Minnesotas sucess, if you havent heard, is on pace to be record setting.

Out of those 4 teams there had to be a loser. if you'd really like to get into detail about our failures this year i'd be more than happy to tell you but it might take awhile due to me having to use very _small_ words. you are from texas after all.

The indians will never be as popular or even come close to out selling the browns but our baseball fanbase is hardly "bandwagon". Our fanbase fully embraced the indians when we lost our football team. fans were starving for hope and we got it by a new stadium, new ownership and an extremely talented crop of rookies the likes of Albert Belle, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton and Carlos Baerga.

455 consecutive sellouts over the course of 6 division titles and 2 world series appearances later created one of the most passionate fanbases in all of baseball and produced a record that will never be broken.

we've been a team for 100 plus years and the indians have been a staple of this city every year of their existence. their sucess im sure gave birth to alot of front runners but what team doesnt have them? look no further than yankee, tiger, and white sox fans. to the people of cleveland the indians have always mattered. that is NOT fairweather.

we may not sell out anymore but I already gave you our attendance figures. it sure beats the heck out of the "pick a different seat, any seat" scenario for the ones who actually show up to watch your lousy team.

While we're at it, ready for the buckeyes to steamroll the longhorns? you think there were alot of indians fans at your park tonight...just wait until buckeye nation shows up and bitch smacks you fools. but until then we'll just sweep you away on sunday and you wont have to hear from me again.

In relative News. Kevin Kouzmanoff was called up from Triple-A on saturday to fill in for the injured Travis Hafner. In friday nights game Hafner took a pitch off of his right wrist and it is being said to be broken. Kouzmanoff tagged a grandslam in his first at bat and on the first pitch he saw. I've posted Kevin's numbers before and he is swinging the lumber well anywhere he has played. He was kind of put aside when the Indians aquired Andy Marte in spring training but with Marte in a ridiculous slump who knows what role either of them has right now. To Kevins advantage he can play 2b, 3b, and LF. utility players are never a bad thing. Clevelands roster is sure to be full of them next season.

fucking ranger fans.


It Begins Today.

Like MattLeinart and Reggie Bush last year, The top 2 Heisman candidates are again on the same team in 2006. Troy Smith (left) and Ted Ginn (below) are a big reason why Columbus is buzzing with National Title whispers. Leading them is Jim Tressel, a coach with a calm and soft spoken demeanor, but also a frightening psychological domination over Lloyd Carr and "that school up north."

He can outcoach and outscheme anyone and will forever receive a free pass from the buckeye faithful for the rest of his life for what he has been able to add to his resume so far. ..well, barring that he doesnt suffer consecutive losses to the likes of John Cooper that ultimately shattered any Buckeye hopes of a national championship.

Ohio State lost 9 defensive starters to the N.F.L. draft this past spring but in his 5th year in Columbus, Jim Tressel has put together yet another strong recruiting class that ranks in the top 3 in the country and helped every "expert" in the country decide who was #1.

A Recruits of note is Freshman Defensive End Robert Rose. A 6'4 255lb machine of a pass rusher is going to cause alot of havoc and give any Offensive lineman a very long day.

Another is Chris Wells out of Garfield high school in Akron and the second bluechip prospect recruited this year. Wells is being touted as a kid strong enough to play fullback and fast enough to line up as a tailback. speed and vision gives this kid tremendous ability. has very quick feet and can hit the hole in a hurry. He stands at 6'1 and weighs around 225-230lbs.

Ohio States season comes down to two games...

The game of the year is a rematch from last season between texas and the buckeyes. Its the second game of the season and this time its in austin. The longhorns are missing Vince Young already. With young gone it will be easier for defenses to key on the other so called play makers with double teams and blitzes ultimately shutting the longhorns down. Texas' strength will be their defense but a long season could be their worst enemy. I predict this unit to be worn down by having to be the ones that keeps them in the game. Ohio State is going to roll.

This rivalry is the real civil war. no beavers or ducks here either. No red sox - yankees, not even the browns - steelers rivalry is more intense and holds more emotion and meaning than The greatest and most fiercest rivalry in all of sports.

Its in the shoe this year and we'll be ready. Records mean nothing when these two teams play the buckeyes look alot stronger and with the atmosphere of the fans I dont think the wolverines stand a chance. tressel will own the wolverines again going 5-1 against them while that school of mutants will be lucky to get 6 wins and Lloyd droopy eyed carr will be unemployed.

I'm not bitter..

there is only one choice for #1...

We are ....The Ohio State University.