All Aboard.

Jeremy Sowers pitched his 2nd consecutive complete game shutout friday night scattering 5 hits throughout and now has accounted for 16 scoreless innings.

The Cleveland prospect is looking more impressive with each start he makes. He improves his record to 3-3 on the season with a decieving ERA of 3.98.

In the 6th inning, Shin Soo Choo was given the green light on a 3-0 count and sent a ball into the left centerfield bleachers for the games only run and his first career major league home run.

Earlier in the game Todd Hollandsworth nailed Ichiro Suzuki at home to keep the game scoreless.

While Soo Choo certainly had a nice first game the pessimist in me wont read too much into it. Seattles starting pitcher - Felix Hernandez, and Choo came up in the mariners farm system together and I'm sure Choo had the book on his pitches. either way, its a win and I'll take it.

Andy Marte went 0-3 in his Indians debut.


Indians lose, trade Broussard.

Justin Verlander and C.C. Sabathia squared off in a pitchers duel that the indians would lose.

Sabathia had good stuff all game. No one in the tigers line up could figure him out. But C.C.unraveled first surrendering 4 runs on 3 hits in the top of the 5th. Magglio Ordonez took a pitch high and in to left field missing a home run by an inch.

Joe Inglett hit his first major league home run for the only cleveland score.

Following the game Ben Broussard was traded to the Seattle Mariners for prospect Shin-Soo Choo and cash as well as a player to be named later on. Broussard will be reunited with Eduardo Perez who was sent there earlier this season for shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera.

Perez and Broussard Platooned at 1st base producing numbers 2nd only to Albert Pujols. While the Mariners cant be considered a serious playoff threat, they have a good chance playing in such a weak division and the reunion of these two should help them tremendously.

Shin Soo Choo is rated as the 7th best prospect in the Mariners system and M's fans have told me that this kid is in the mold of Ichiro Suzuki. He is a 20/20 type player and is ready to contribute in the majors right away, his upward progress has just been blocked so I'll give shapiro the benefit of the doubt and say his sounds like a good deal.

Shapiro says that hes not sure if any other moves will be done before the deadline of July 31st but said he'd listen to offers. Andy Marte is rumoured to have been told to pack his bags for Cleveland wednesday night so I hope to god boone is on his way out.

Broussard is one of those players that you know has talent obviously or they wouldnt be where they are but inconsistency has blemished bennys potential. Even through his problems in the field or against left handers hes the player you cheer for and really hope they succeed.

Good luck Broussard, you're a character guy and will be missed. Seattle should be good for your music career too.
I was there when you hit that 3 run blast against the twins on August 13th, 2004. even though you owe me $5.75 for making me spill my beer.


Sowers baffles Twins.

This rivalry used to mean something. even just recently It was a big deal when the twins were in town because they were always in first place, they were the target but I guess if its not cleveland and pittsburgh, losing takes away the intensity, although minnesota has been on absolute fire lately.

Joe Inglett continues to shine in his limited play. He runs out ground balls, plays hard, good defense, can actually bunt, and is a smart player. Hes what you want in a utility player. I know belliards future here is an issue every season and he always returns but this time unfortunately, I think hes gone. I dont want to see ronnie go but I really hope ingletts play is not lost on the morons upstairs. He deserves to be on this roster. Belliard to third is not a bad option either should Marte not be ready.

Sowers threw a complete game shutout against a red hot twins offense stiffling hitters with every pitch. Since being called up he has been shaky to say the least but even in losing has shown he has good stuff. This kid has excelled at every level hes been at and I hoping for more of the same.

Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner continued to pick up the slack with grady accounting for 3 doubles and hafner launching his 29th home run of the year.


white flag is raised, wickman traded.

The Atlanta Braves acquired veteran closer Bob Wickman from the Cleveland Indians in return for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Wickman has converted 15-18 save opportunites this season with a 4.18 ERA.

John Schuerholz apparently agreed with John Smoltz’s desire to add veterans to the Braves for a playoff run. With the Braves recent level of play, Schuerholz has little choice but to shoot for one more run at the playoffs. With the Braves, it is hard to bet against them.

Ramirez was batting .285 with 9 home runs in Class A.

I'm not a wickman fan, I never have been despite his record setting amount of saves last year but for some reason I cant believe this story is true although its a typical shapiro trade.

We already have an abdundance of catchers with veterans Tim Laker and Einar Diaz rotting in Buffalo. Martinez will not become expendable as I suggested in a previous post but this just creates another log jam in our farm system. The poor kid will never get a shot at the big leagues as long as Martinez and Shoppach are around.

Its alright though, He'll probably be traded in another cora for vazquez trade.

Shapiros quote " we decided to take a low ball player who can play at an even higher level." Thats great mark, I mean thats really fucking great. Why dont you just write an article in the paper or a personally addressed letter to every single indians fan and tell them you give up. You still havent apologized for smacking Omar in the face with his sorry excuse for a replacement.

Sophomore slump? Not when a player doesnt listen to his coaches, not when a player doesnt work on the mechanics he knows are wrong. Peralta plays as if he cant afford a dry cleaner. Why should he try? He got his pay day and after one fluke season. prove me wrong jhonny, prove it to me for the sake of my liver. please.


Hafner hits # 27, C.C. gives up 6 runs in Loss.

Pitching from the stretch most of the game, C.C. Sabathia just couldnt hold the twins in check giving up 6 runs in 8 innings on 13 hits.

"I was behind in the count alot, it felt like every batter had a 2-0, 3-0 count on me, when that happens, good things dont" Sabathia said.

Minnesota jumped on the board early going up 2-0 and with Johan Santana pitching it might as well have been 10-0, The indians offense simply could not score.

Travis Hafner would notch his 27th Home run of the year and Ronnie Belliard batted in a run but that was it for Cleveland.

Minnesota has been one of the hottest teams in baseball during the last month after getting completely embarrassed by the Indians and wrong sox earlier in the season. The Twins may have a legitimate shot at the wildcard.


Fundamental Baseball.

Eric Wedge answered Tom Hamiltons question about a hit and run situation in yesterdays game and out came the just absolutely infuriating answer of "we've started to do plays like that, some work, some dont. nows the time for fundamental baseball"...

Now is the time? NOW? Your ballclub Mr. Manager is in 4th place with a record of 40-46 staring up at an 18 1/2 game deficit in JULY. its not called spring training because it sounds fun. Read spring training very carefully and tell me what you see.

The more telling and even more frightening thing is that alot of these guys were coached by Wedge in the minors where they should have had these things drilled into them. Victor has terrible mechanics and arm strength for a catcher. Peralta has shown all of his defensive weaknesses this year. None of our pitchers know how to hold runners. None of our guys can bunt.

Mark Shapiro is constantly heard talking about the future being bright because of the players that are in the minors all the while never getting to see these "prospects" come to fruitition. A select few get called up and look absolutely lost, a severe indication that our coaches down there arent worth a shit either. They are not being taught how to play baseball.

Is Shapiro lying? is this so called "future" completed overrated because he went after offensive talents only that cannot play defense or play fundamentally sound ball?

I just hope there arent actually any wedge supporters anymore, after this comment if there is then these people just dont get it or this game.

I cant believe I'm going to praise them but this is why those white sux teams of the mid to late nineties were good, but never great. They relied on power and the home run and forgot that speed and a good glove were really the difference. Dye and Konerko arent the fastest players, but they're smart and extremely good defensively. oh, and they both know how to bunt.

In came Ozzie Guillen. He single handedly dismantled that team. Out with Carlos Lee, Frank Thomas, and Magglio Ordonez. In with players like Scott Podsednik, Tadahito Iguchi, and Pablo Ozuna. The 3 new additions are not gold glovers (Iguchi might become the exception here) by any means but they are fast, can bunt, and can get on base in the blink of an eye.

forward to 2005. it seems every other team didnt get the memo that "small ball" could actually still be played and USED to win. defenses didnt know how to play Chicago and were flat out, out hustled.

Jack Mckeon (anyone know if he'd be interested in a job?) came to the marlins in mid season 2003 when it seemed any hopes at all had been ruled out; his "small ball" approach won the world series.

Joe Giradi is doing the same thing in florida right now. He is almost a spitting image of Guillen with his managerial approach. He makes his players responsible and does not accept excuses. Joe is going to be a great manager and the marlins in a few years are going to be a dangerous team.

Giradi thought he had walked into a gold mine when he accepted the job only to see a massive fire sale take place. Mike Lowell, Carlos delgado, Juan Encarnacion, Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett to name a few, were traded for younger players not even close to being ready for the big leagues. The oldest player on their present roster isnt even 37.

The Marlins became a Triple A team literally overnight and were left with no choice but to field players that are big leaguers by mere circumstance. Florida will lose 100 games, thats no secret and Giradi knows it but they are way ahead of schedule already tearing off win streaks of 5 or more games including 9 games.

The talent they have on that team may exceed any of what Cleveland may have in their entire system. Instruction, Drills, good coaching and supervision really do work wedge.

I just dont get why we cant find a manager like these 3 guys. we'd be in first place. there is too much talent on this team to let a season like this become the norm.


Martinez becoming expendable?

With garko looking like he'll be here on opening day next year and Kelly Shoppach having a far superior arm at catcher, I'm starting to wonder (and seriously worry) that it might actually be possible that victor might just be expendable. I know his contract, I know hes supposed to be here for another 5 years but it doesnt seem to necessarily mean that he will remain here.

I'm pretty sure I was told that Shoppach was the best catching prospect in the entire Red Sox system. While Shoppach hasnt played that much, he's already hit his 1st major league home run and can actually throw out baserunners.

Reasons for this logic:

1. Boston Scouts seem to think he's very capable of being a 20 hr-100 rbi guy. pretty much what martinez has done in his time in Cleveland.

2. The only reason Shoppach wasnt already up was because of Jason Varitek. Doug Mirabelli is a need for a pitcher like wakefield..so much so that the red sox got him back, Mirabelli couldnt be replaced.

3. Victor looks flat out uncomfortable. Im talking He has the look of a person who is about to get hit by a car. nervous to the point that he barely takes his foot off the bag.. and thats without a runner on base.

4. Victors bat is something this team cant afford to lose, even with him being almost as streaky as broussard. However, something has to explain the reps at first base, Why? what is the plan? is it just to give Kelly more playing time? am I reading too much into this? Have these bastards in charge really made me lose all faith in them?

5. Martinez is a converted shortstop. with the way peralta (yes, I know about his outrageous contract too) has been playing you would think this is where they'd look for help first. Jhonny does have an option left..

Being used as a DH is out of the question obviously due to Hafner as well as Martinez hits alot better batting right handed so there goes the platoon idea.

Peralta couldnt have had that great of a season last year if he was really that bad so I dont see this organization giving up on him. hes not that bad, right? right?! please tell me its not possible..

One more thing before I get ripped apart, Having changed positions once already, If I were Victor, I think I'd be alittle bit angry at what is going on and almost insulted.

Hes a good player, I just wish he had a better arm and was more consistent.


looking to take series

Its always made me scratch my head when a team struggles to plate a single runner when they put up 10 plus runs the previous night. such was the case in wednesdays game as the indians lost 11-3.

Its been the same thing all year. different games? different pitches? different types of pitchers? whatever the reason, I truly dont understand when an offense like that just goes limp. Peralta will go hitless tonight, quote me on it.

It was lost in tuesday nights beatdown but congratulations Travis Hafner on hitting your 100th career home run. this one might not be a big deal to you but the fans recognize these things of very great things to come.

Todd Hollandsworth tagged another home run last night in Clevelands loss. He, strangely. might be one of the tribes hottest bats at the moment.

I'm not very creative today but theres your recap.

Randy Johnson hopefully continues to look his age tonight as he goes against Cliff Lee.


Fireworks in Cleveland.

Last minute pleading for an all-star spot? eric wedge learned how to manage a game? good baseball? the indians? something lit a fire under this team that has been absent all year.

Cleveland took it to the yankees for the second night in a row systematically crushing everything that was thrown their way enroute to a 19-1 demolition of a team that possesses a 200 million dollar payroll.

Travis Hafner homered twice to left field (24 hr's 70 rbis), Victor Martinez went 5-6 with a home run (11 hr's 56 rbis) and a double. Jhonny Peralta went yard twice (9 hr's 39 rbis), and Ronnie Belliard homered (8 hr's 41 rbis) as well as making arguably the best defensive play of the entire year.

Belliard ran down a ground ball behind second base but as his momentum was carrying him out towards center he grabbed the ball and blindly flipped it behind his back to Peralta who was covering 2nd to get the out. absolutely amazing play.

Cleveland beat the yankees 22-0 in 2004. The game obviously got so out of hand that the new york fans that hung around actually started cheering on the indians. Omar Vizquel had a nearly perfect game going 6-7.

The television announcers said that the Yankees haven't given up that many runs on the road since 1987 And the team that has beaten them with the most runs in the last 2 years has been the Indians. And the only team that has beaten the Yankees worse on the road, the 1933 INDIANS.

If only we could play like this everynight and against everyone. Everyone in baseball knew what this offense was capable of even with the players we lost last year. that it couldnt be shut out for very long and eventually would simply errupt. its just always happened to be against the yankees.

Baseball fans, this ones for you.


My email to Terry Pluto.

Born and Raised indians and browns fan. dont much care for basketball.

I apologize for not having read any of your books but I plan on changing that real quick. I love the conspiracy theories in sports and things having to do with curses. I dont believe in them, but its fun to speculate. May I link your Column to my website?

http://tribefanatic.blogspot.com its errant, not well written, and rather redundant but hey, its uncensored and free!

Is it possible to fire the entire indians roster? perhaps there might be some bright spots..maybe one, say Hafner? Sizemore is good, but hes not great. Martinez is the same type of hitter that Broussard is, STREAKY, but everyone wants BEN let go, why?

I didnt much follow the story of Phillips and his apparent attitude or why the front office turned sour on him but all I know is I kept him around in MVP 2005 and dude is just wicked good. 4 hr's 12 rbis in 10 games. so whats the story there?

There just seems to be an abundance of over hyped "prospects" we keep hearing about and never seeing. When they do get a chance, they fall on their face. Cleveland is supposed to have one of the top 5 farm systems in baseball but that is just har to believe.

Kouzmanoff should not be in double A. with the numbers this kid is putting up he should be given a shot in buffalo regardless of what Marte is doing. I'm glad to see Andy picking it up down there but I just dont get the hype on this kid. Boston and Atlanta said he had shoulder problems? and as I write this we just signed some 16 year old out of Venezula. granted hes a LONG way away but whos to say Marte is even the future or even kevin? what is with the sudden log jam at 3rd base? god help me if BOO-ne is resigned.

Eduardo Perez to seattle makes no sense. I know the guy is like 50 but next to hafner he has been our most consistent hitter. He was brought in to kill lefties, He did that and then some. The last time we got a shortstop from seattle he turned out to be some guy named Omar. Perez was our Jermaine Dye and Derrek Lee. Maybe you dont resign Perez at the end of the year but keep him around.

Cheerleaders or girls resembling such a thing do not belong in baseball; especially ones that arent even that cute. Is it really necessary to name a section of the stadium after a player? peskys pole is one thing but an entire section? These P.R. moves are absurd and embarrassing.

I probably come off as a rambling idiot but with the all the crap I've had to deal with supporting these teams, you seem like the guy that has the answers, or will at least understand. so I apologize for wasting your time and completely understand if you dont write back, you seem to have to deal with a million emails a day just like this.

My girlfriend is a cubs fan and can barely sit through a game anymore but I dont think she could ever understand the kind of torment our fans have been through.I cried when Municipal was bulldozed, let alone when the browns lost in 86. I was 3 years old and thats what shaped my life.

thanks for reading at least.


Sowers, Carmona impressive in win

Jeremy Sowers made his 2nd Major League start monday night against the yankees in Cleveland.

Sowers gave up an early 2 run home run to Jason Giambi but settled down to pitch 6 shutout innings for the tribe. Carmona Faced the meat of the yankees line up and sent them down in order, as well as recording his 3rd strike out of Alex Rodriguez.

Wickman got the save as Cleveland won 5-2.

Carmona was called up in early May with the injury to C.C. Sabathia and appeared rather shaky. Fausto was sent down shortly after C.C. returned then was recalled and placed in the bullpen where he has seemingly found his strength. It will be interesting to see where Indians management decides to place the youngster. He has absolutely flourished in the setup role.

Hollandsworth has been swinging a nice bat lately including 3 home runs. This coming a few weeks after he asked eric wedge for more playing time. 1996 era hollandsworth anyone?


Omar to be back as Player/Manager?

You can find the article here:


As for my thoughts:

this is just insane and certainly too hard and far fetched to believe. its purely speculation and a HUGE pipe dream that indians fans, like myself will start drooling over.

Vizquel, with dolan and shapiro still here, is very unlikely.

perhaps thome was wrong for leaving, perhaps he wasnt, but its not the point, if I were Omar I wouldnt come back. He knows FIRST HAND how classless and cheap these two dolts are.

I wouldnt fire shelton but I'd give Murray another chance as well, assisant instructor or something like that. it wasnt entirely his fault for what this offense didnt do last year.

Murray wasnt the hitting instructor in the minor leagues, He was also not at fault for these players not knowing how to bunt, thats something they should have learned in high school or college. something the MANAGER is responsible for.

Wedge has continuously shown his inability to make the right decisions when it counts the most. HE is the one who has the final say on what happens during the game.

Orel would almost be considered a risk but a serious upgrade over carl willis. I know the indians sort of pursued him but he declined, I dont know the whole story though.

Hart is doing the same thing in texas as he did here with the offense but I'm pretty sure Orel didnt do what Hart thought he would do, their pitching was a mess.

anyway, god I hope there is some truth to this, I love Omar and miss him terribly.


7-0 lead, indians lose.

7-0... SEVEN to NOTHING and we BLEW IT?!!??!

I cant even find the words anymore to rip this team apart. this game just says it all.

Two rookies pitch shutout innings but betancourt and wickman looked LOST. I mean, absolutely LOST. wickman should have never been resigned, I dont care if we didnt get the closer we wanted.

19 games out on july 1st. mathematically eliminated on July 1st. How does wedge still have a job? shapiro, peralta?! The wimpians were not designed to win, PERIOD.

Forbes magazine rated cleveland as the most profittable team in baseball but our fucking owner tells us "we dont have the money to get these players?" WHAT?

unbelievable...unbelieveable... they dont deserve to win another game. not a single one and I seriously hope they dont. what, as long as we're not in last place its a success?

oh yea before I forget, Eduardo Perez was traded to seattle for another one of cheapiros supposed "cant miss prospects" named cabrera. dont worry, he'll never be called up and when he does he wont be given a single chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, Your 2006 Cleveland Indians. I need a drink.